Women want sex Elephant Butte

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She ran terrified down a dusty southern New Mexico road, blood-smeared and naked except for a padlocked metal collar and chain. Daylight was fading as she spied an open door in a trailer about yards away. She bounded across the porch, burst into the home without knocking, grabbed the woman standing inside and pleaded for help. Still frantic, the year-old woman told police she had escaped a mobile home of horrors, where she had been chained to a bed and subjected to a ritual of sexual sadism. Ron Lopez, the local district attorney, took one look inside the mobile home and called for help. Within days, nearly state police and FBI agents had mobilized in this small lakeside town about miles south of Albuquerque.

Even the top state official in charge of the case, Darren White, was disgusted Women want sex Elephant Butte what investigators found.

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Since the case broke March 22, four people have been charged, one with murder. Despite a major search, no bodies have been found.

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At two preliminary hearings, graphic testimony of sexual slavery shocked this quiet haven of retirees and vacationers in modest mobile homes. The investigation quickly spread to nine other states--including Colorado, Arizona and Texas--and two more women told tales of sadistic rape and torture at the home of David Parker Ray, 59, a mechanic for the state parks system. Ray and his girlfriend, Cynthia Lea Hendy, 39, were charged with dozens of counts of kidnapping and sexual assault.

They charged Dennis Roy Yancy, 27, in the murder of a year-old woman. Hendy told investigators that Ray admitted killing as many as 14 people and dumping their bodies in the desert and in Elephant Butte Lake. After removing a thousand pieces of evidence from the property, they started digging in the yard with shovels and probing with electronic devices. They brought dogs trained to sniff human remains to search the yard and some sandy gullies in the area. They even used a backhoe to search for Women want sex Elephant Butte. The first woman told police she had been kidnapped by Ray and Hendy in Albuquerque while negotiating a price for oral sex.

She said she escaped from Hendy three days later, while Ray was working. She said she persuaded Ray and Hendy to release her a few days later after she promised to keep quiet. Later, police used the videotapes found at the home to track down another woman.

All said they were tied up, sodomized and assaulted with sexual devices, and treated like animals. Two said they were given electric shocks through clips attached to their nipples and genitals. The trailer was filled with instruments, a gynecological table with restraints, a pulley system to allow body parts Women want sex Elephant Butte be stretched, books on female sexual behavior and drawings of women being sexually tortured. Next-door neighbors describe Ray as a polite man who kept to himself.

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Women want sex Elephant Butte

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Gruesome Sexual Torture Case Shakes Up Sleepy New Mexico Town