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Badiner holds a masters degree in Buddhist studies and has been a student of Thich Nhat Hanh for over 20 years. If I want to live an enlightened life, do I need to stop having sex? Yes, you would need to stop. But only to demonstrate sufficiently to yourself that you are able to do so. Subsequently you will be acting from real choice—not habit, compulsion, or escape.

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It would be sex as a conscious choice. I imagine that the quality of the experience can only benefit from more consciousness and self-awareness. Buddhism is not inclined to deny the reality of basic human impulses, including sexuality. As sexuality is a normal, healthy, and necessary aspect Women want sex Buda human existence, Tibetan tantric Buddhism even includes techniques for bringing mindfulness and practice to it.

Some recent Tibetan teachers and several colorful Zen masters have been open to using sex as a skillful means to point their students toward realization. Why is it then that Buddhist monks and nuns have traditionally refrained from sexual activity? Sex is the ever-sweet and ever-present distraction.

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Monks and nuns have always had strict limitations on physical contact between them, and between them and laypeople. But the Buddhist rulebook the Vinaya was mostly about protecting bhikkhus and nuns from harm or abuse. In the West, the majority of us never really question the positive value of romantic relationships.

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We might complain about them, or roll our Women want sex Buda at them, but, mostly, we assume that they are what we need on a fundamental level. Should we be thinking more critically Women want sex Buda our deep belief in romantic relationships? All beliefs should be subject to questioning, including the idea that romantic relationships are always what we need. Ironically, letting go of such a belief may make it more possible for a romantic relationship to actually manifest. I just read a review of a book in The Atlantic called Love 2. Buddhism never argues with good science. Obviously fidelity and loyalty are usually seen as essential components of a happy marriage, but Buddhism views marriage as a secular institution and leaves people to sort these things out for themselves, including whether the relationship is between same or different genders as well as between two or more partners.

As lay Buddhists, how can we begin to have rewarding, non-harming relationships? You are more likely to have rewarding, non-harming relationships if that is in fact your goal. And that is the goal in Buddhism for all your relationships—from family to strangers. Anyone with mindfulness of that goal can achieve it, Buddhist or otherwise. Maybe not the classiest way to meet people, but there seems to be increasing acceptance and use of online dating services, so why not one for singles with an interest in dharma.

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Women want sex Buda

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