Why are shrooms illegal

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Connolly, Johnny Government bans sale of 'magic' mushrooms. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 17, Springp. Heretofore, it was illegal to possess or supply magic mushrooms in a dried or prepared state but lawful to possess and sell them in their natural state.

Magic mushrooms are hallucinogens that grow wild in autumn.

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They are usually eaten raw but can be dried out and put into food or tea for consumption. Their use in Ireland largely began in the mids when they emerged as Why are shrooms illegal alternative to LSD. Table 1 Lifetime and last-year prevalence of cannabis, ecstasy, LSD and magic mushroom use by young adults aged 15—34 in Ireland.

It can be seen from Table 1 that, when we compare lifetime use of magic mushrooms with last-year prevalence, the figure for use of magic mushrooms drops ificantly, from 5. This suggests that magic mushrooms are used by young adults largely as an experimental drug. The same can be said of LSD. A of localised surveys have also been conducted throughout Ireland on the prevalence of magic mushroom use among young people.

The risks associated with magic mushrooms can vary depending on the mood, situation and expectation of the user. There is a lack of scientific evidence on the overall effects of magic mushroom consumption. There is no reported evidence of serious health damage from long-term use of magic mushrooms. The average dosage is 20—30 mushrooms; however, tolerance can develop quickly and dosages increase as a result. A risk associated with magic mushrooms is poisoning through picking and consuming the wrong type of mushroom. Following the change in the law in January, it is reported that a of outlets which were selling magic mushrooms have removed them from their stores and shelves.

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Why are shrooms illegal

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