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My Location is a free online tool to find your current location and show where am I right now on map coordinates. My current location will give you the latitude and longitude and address on a map. You can share your current location with friends and family for meetup purposes or browse the map around your location. My Location uses the Geolocation technology that is built-in with your browser which has access to your current location. Geolocation will find your location using latitude and longitude which are the precise location of a point on earth.

To use my location tool, we need to get your permission to use the geolocation. Upon visiting our site, your browser will prompt a message "my-location. In order for you to get your location now and be able to see the lat long, address, and the map correctly, you need to enable the location on your browser. If you are on a smartphone, you will also need to enable the location feature. Otherwise, what's my location tool wouldn't be able to find your current location.

For privacy reasons, we do not store your location on our website and do not share your location with anyone. Your location will be lost Where i am located you leave our site. There are many ways that you can use my current location tool. Following are a few scenarios where our tool comes in handy. My location tool works perfectly on your phone or any other mobile device. Just like the browser, you need to enable the location feature on your phone for it to work.

If you have an android phone or tablet, you can get my location app for free. You can pretty much do everything with the app as our web version. There are additional features such as the ability to save your locations and convert GPS coordinates.

Following is a list of features of our app. Visit the Play Store and get our my location app now. We do not have a location app for the iPhone. You can share your location with other people using the current location .

My Zip Code Where i am located Zip codes are sometimes hard to find as they are not written on doors. With our zip code lookup tool, you can easily find the zip code of your current location. What county am I in - If you are not sure which county a location belongs to, use our county lookup tool to find out. My Address - Get the complete address of your current location. What city am I in - Not sure which city you are in? Find out now with the city lookup tool. What state am I in - State lookup is a tool to find which state you are at. What country am I in - Are you on the borders between two countries and not sure which country you are currently at?

Locate the country that you are in now. Share Where i am located Location If you need to share your location with someone, you can simply send them the following link. If you want to place the current location on a website, use the following link. My Location My Location is a free online tool to find your current location and show where am I right now on map coordinates.

What is My Location. Your Location. Your Latitude and Longitude. How Does My Location Work? When you are lost - If you are lost and can't find your way out. You have no idea where you are and want to get out of there as quickly as possible.

With my location tool, you can find the exact address as well as the lat long, plus you can see the map of the current location. With the help of the map, you can navigate through the area and get out sooner. Meet up someone - If you want to meet someone at a deated location, but you are not sure what the address is. You can use the tool and show my current location and then share the link with that person. Road Trip - When you are on a road trip and exploring a new neighborhood, you can quickly find where you are and the places around you.

You can use the map to find nearby parks or highways and have a general sense of the Where i am located that you are in.

How to Get My Location App? Save Locations - You can save and delete locations on your phone. We do not store any of your locations on Where i am located server. Data is stored locally on your phone. You can use it as an address book to store all the addresses and GPS coordinates of all your friends.

You can also store the locations of all places that you traveled with GPS coordinates. Search Location - You can search location by address or by latitude and longitude and retrieve the location on a map. Copy Locations - You can copy the GPS coordinates and use them somewhere else such as your car system or other apps.

Current Location You can share your location with other people using the current location .

Where i am located

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