What to do if girlfriend is losing interest

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Relationships can be a lot like the ocean, with natural ebbs and flows that change over time. According to the CDCadults have an average between sexual partners in their lives, which means a lot of us will lose interest and eventually end a handful of relationships along the way. Below, a few key s someone may be beginning to lose interest in maintaining your relationship. A tendency to do your own separate things more often than not could spell trouble.

This can include physical intimacy, but may also manifest as a general sense of distance and separation, like choosing not to spend holidays and special events together, she explains. While most relationships get more comfortable after the initial honeymoon phase is overit doesn't mean you have to live platonically forever.

She explains that removing sex from the equation often makes them want it more. It's normal for couples to feel annoyed with each other every now and again. But when their moods seem particularly agitated or avoidant, it could be a your partner is thinking about leaving.

The next time your partner picks a fight over the dishes or the laundry, ask them what the real issue is. It'll open the doors for a frank conversation that'll help get to the bottom of what's bugging them, so they can hopefully improve it — and your relationship overall. The best way to handle this is to be clear about your desire to have more communication. And even though it feels awful, it may not be personal.

You also have to realize that that person may be doing what's best for them. So rejection isn't necessarily saying that you're not good enough; rejection is usually a person trying to take care of themselves, in whatever way, shape and form.

If your partner used to chat happily for hours and now things feel a bit forced, it might be a they're checking out of the relationship. But it could also mean a lot of other things, McBain says, especially if you've recently argued, or gone through tough times together. As McBain says, "This may be a of What to do if girlfriend is losing interest bigger issues in your relationship," or that you wanti more from the relationship than they do.

Brown-James explains that you need to figure out just how much uncertainty you can live with. She suggests telling them you need to be able to plan a certain amount into the future, and then finding out how long your partner needs to parse out what they know and want about their future. And if they're willing to meet those boundaries, then go with it. Supporting a partner can be difficult and time consuming, which is perhaps why someone who is ready to check out may not put in the effort to do so.

First, according to Brown-James, you may determine that you can get the type of support you need from another source, like a friend or family. Maybe your partner is great at just being there for you, but unable to offer practical advice.

If your best friend is awesome at the latter, go to them for problem-solving instead. While not everyone feels the need to label relationshipsa lack of commitment or willingness to do so can certainly indicate that a person has lost interest, Dr. Carla Marie Manlya clinical psychologist, tells Bustle. Brown-James agrees it could be a of trouble, adding that it can be especially awkward when those terms of endearment slip away. If your partner used to use terms of endearment you loved and has since stopped, you can address it by focusing on the positives, Brown-James says.

But what does it mean to prioritize someone in a relationship? I think that le to resentment, bitterness, and breaking up. And overall, Brown-James adds, there should be a willingness to try and meet your needs.

If you don't feel like important, "have a very open and honest discussion about your needs and then stand up for yourself in having your needs met in a reasonable, genuine way," Manly says. Am I treated and valued at my worth? If a partner is losing interest in a relationship, perhaps the best thing you can do is giving yourself the tools to spot it so that you can decide for yourself if your needs are truly being met. Carla Marie Manlyclinical psychologist.

This article was originally published on July 14, By Carolyn Steber and Bustle Editors. Updated: May 26, Originally Published: July 14, Your Partner Feels Distant Dr. What To Do While most relationships get more comfortable after the initial honeymoon phase is overit doesn't mean you have to live platonically forever.

What to do if girlfriend is losing interest

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