What does cuddling mean to guys

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Turns out, your nighttime spooning sesh does have deeper meaning.

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But where you position yourself in bed — and how you cuddle — may just indicate how happy you are with your SO. Sleeping without touching may indicate some tension between you and your SO, as lots of space between you during sleep usually translates to emotional distance during waking hours. As psychologist and dating coach, Jennifer B. Rhodesly told Elite Daily, you shouldn't expect everyone to enjoy cuddling in general. According to her, people who are empaths, or are particularly sensitive to other people's energy, sometimes struggle with cuddling because they need more energetic space to themselves.

Respecting each other's boundaries and having clarity around how you express affection — physical or otherwise — can help create more intimacy for the relationship in the future.

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And if physical affection is important to you, there are ways to talk to your partner about wanting to cuddle more. According to behavioral scientist and relationship coach Clarissa Silvatouching bottoms while you sleep is more intimate than you may think. It can represent that you both are invested in one another while maintaining your independence. She explains that people will typically only rest their he on the chests of those they trust.

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This position also allows your partner to wrap their arms around you, which in turn can make you feel extra-protected. Traci Brownbody language expert and author of Persuasion Point. Jennifer B. Rhodespsychologist and dating coach. Clarissa Silvabehavioral scientist and relationship coach.

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Tonya Reimanbody language expert. David Bennettrelationship expert and certified counselor.

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What does cuddling mean to guys

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Here’s What Your Fave Cuddle Position Means For Your Relationship