The break room phoenix

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Here you buy it, then break it! Have you ever been so frustrated about work, family, politics or finances that you wanted to throw something against a wall? Had a bad breakup or a rough day and need to smash something? Located in the Greater Phoenix area, come and vent with us guilt free!

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Time to release all that stress! Click on the button below and book your session Get Your Sanity back! Simply Smashing Rage Release Room. Back Tired of Feeling Angry? Are You Overly Stressed? Masks are required in the lobby before and after your session. A Few Of Our Testimonials. We had three adults and an 8 year old. Everyone loved it, especially the 8 year old! We had plenty of items to smash for the allotted time. It was a very unique experience.

I would definitely recommend it The break room phoenix anyone wanting to get some rage out or just to try something new! IT DID. I liked how we had the option of picking our own music. The lady helping us The break room phoenix was really kind helping us and setting us up. I really enjoyed it, I felt like I got some anger and anxiety out that I had in and I would love to come back!

The most satisfying things to smash was the keyboard with a bat. First hard hit, all the keys go flying all directions!!! I knew beating the s—t out of random objects is a HIGH! Throwing the plates and glassware was ok. Smashing with a bat, now I found my stress relief.

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Talk about working off aggression, yeesh! Such a great way to blow off some steam!

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Need to have a difficult conversation? Come smash it out first! Great way to get some mental clarity and release frustration. I will definitely be returning! Got dumped, went here and destroyed some s—t. Now if only my therapist had one of these rooms in his office. Now that would be money.

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I heard about Simply Smashing from a friend of mine. I told her I was in need of just yelling and screaming and breaking some stuff. When I got there they were super helpful! Great items The break room phoenix smash. Extra items if you check in on Facebook and if you are a student. Breaking dishes and bottles is great but working out your tension on a printer with a bat is even better.

You must go and smash something! Best birthday gift ever!! It was absolutely amazing!! This is just what I needed. I walked out of there a happier individual for sure!! Highly recommended!! Come and vent with us!

The break room phoenix

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