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Darren Lyons was quite surprised when he answered his doorbell and beheld Jennifer, a friend of his daughter there. The two young women had graduated from high school together the and were currently in the their second year at a local community college, so the visitor should have known her friend would not be home. She had been in the house many times, and headed directly to the family room, where she sat on the sofa and smiled up at him. He Teenage anal sex stories followed directly behind her, admiring her very shapely ass encased in tight blue jeans.

Her Teenage anal sex stories was pretty too, with green eyes, a cute snub nose, and a peaches-and-cream complexion topped by soft, curly auburn hair that fell to her shoulders. He sat on the sofa too, not so close as to seem aggressive but not far enough away to be standoffish. She seemed unable to answer right away, which was odd, because she was not at all bashful. Finally, she managed. That was a very surprising question, coming from a girl or Teenage anal sex stories as young as Jennifer, but he answered it as best he could.

Not even Steph. Jennifer continued. Darren liked the way the conversation was going. He did not regard the friends of his daughter as sex objects, even though some of them, especially Jennifer, were quite attractive and sexy. He would never try to make a pass at one of them, but he would also never refuse a sexual overture from a pretty girl, even one as young as the cutie-pie next to him on the sofa.

Wanting to encourage the direction the conversation was going, he answered carefully. Are you willing to do it with me? If we do, will you promise not to tell anybody, not even your daughter? You want me to screw you in the butt? I want you to screw me in the butt. Will you do it? Have you ever done it before? Did it hurt the other girl? The one you did it with before?

His late wife had been fairly broad-minded about sex but, the one time he had said anything about the possibility, she had responded by saying the idea grossed her out. He and Jennifer walked arm in arm up the stairs and down the short hallway to his bedroom. She walked over to the bed and leaned on it, as if she was testing the mattress, and straightened up, a nervous smile on her face. He thought she might have been having second thoughts, but he was wrong.

The young woman had steeled herself earlier to make the request, and was not going to back out. He had been thinking of what a truly gorgeous ass she had, and another possibility had occurred to him. She raised her arms and he carefully tugged it up past her breasts and off over her head and tossed it onto a corner of the bed. Jen shook her hair back into place, making her small but shapely breasts sway and bounce, and making Darren almost drool at the sight. She loosened the waist of her blue jeans, pushed them down around her ass and hips and sat on the bed to allow Darren to pull them the rest of the way off.

With great alacrity, he did, after removing her shoes and sox and piling all her clothing together.

Wanting to get everything prepared in advance and to do it right, Darren put a clean case on the pillow she would be using and went to fetch a bottle of baby oil and a damp towel from the bathroom. The oil had been there for over a year, but should still suffice as a lubricant.

While he was gone, Jennifer lay supine Teenage anal sex stories the bed, her head nestled in the pillow, and waited to be prepared for her experimentation in anal sex. He thought of it about the same way, except as a bonus for him, and he knelt beside her and gently cupped her nearest breast in his hand. It was firm, with warm, smooth skin, and felt good in his hand, but her nipple felt better to his tongue when he leaned forward and started licking it.

It felt good to Jennifer too, and she began cooing happily, especially when the man pleasuring her started dividing his attentions between the two sweet, pink nubbins.

Jennifer had no complaint about the lack of conversation, because what he was doing felt fantastic to her. The man whose bed she was sharing was not the first person to fondle her nipples with his tongue, but he seemed to enjoy it much more than any of her boy friends ever had. The sensations became even better when Darren drew one of her very sensitive breasts into his mouth and started sucking, while his tongue continued caressing her nipple and areola.

Once again, he alternated between the lovely globes. She felt a connection established between them and her clit, and Jennifer knew her pussy was starting to produce the fragrant juices she knew would entice him to lick her lower on her body. He smelled the delightful aroma too, and Darren smiled to himself at how the girl in his bed was so responsive and what a great time she was having, which gave him a great time too.

He began licking and nuzzling and kissing his way down her slim body, starting with the Teenage anal sex stories channel between the succulent twins which had felt so great in his mouth. That was exactly what Jennifer wanted too, and she pushed gently on his shoulders to propel him more quickly to his goal. When his mouth reached the elastic waistband of her bikini panties, Darren raised his head and grinned at the delectable aroma and the spreading stain in the crotch.

When she raised her ass off the bed, he pulled her panties down so they slipped around her lovely ass, down her thighs and all the way off, leaving the teenager naked in front of him. She raised her legs and, when he ducked under, let them rest on his shoulders. Darren wrapped his arms around the thighs framing his face and leaned in more closely, leaving his face inches from the beautiful pussy his tongue was about to start sharing pleasure with.

And, it was truly a thing of beauty. Jennifer did not shave herself there, and Teenage anal sex stories no need to do so, because her sparse pubic hair, the same pretty auburn shade as that on her head, did nothing to hide her creamy skin. Darren saw how, from her arousal, her swollen inner lips were blossoming through her slit and, when he gently spread the edges, he was treated to a great fragrant cloud that arose from the pinkness. Small drops of her fresh juices, the source of the alluring scent, adhered to her lips and, when he licked them off, their taste was even more delicious than their aroma.

Avidly, he began seeking out more of the nectar wherever it had spattered. He began with the soft, smooth skin on the insides of Teenage anal sex stories thighs, sluicing up all the juices with his tongue, and continued to her crotch, where he caught some that were dripping freshly from the pink hole that was their source. The texture of her smooth skin under his tongue was the most delightful sensation of the sensuous pleasures he was receiving. He kissed her there and raised his face to see her reactions to what he was doing.

They were even better than he had expected. Her eyes were closed in bliss, and her mouth was partly open, while her head was tossing from side to side on the pillow. Any boy or man who wanted to be her boyfriend had to please her that way, or he could forget about any intimate relationship. She loved having a mouth caressing her lips and clit, and they always brought her to a climax, but the man whose face was moving about between her thighs was something Teenage anal sex stories special, even for her.

He had spent more time on her breasts than anybody else ever had, and she loved every second of it and every stroke of his tongue, and he had transferred his attentions to her pussy at exactly the right time. Now, she could feel repeated waves of bliss washing over her body everywhere his mouth traveled. She felt him lick all around her love hole and start up on her other outer lip. It felt so fabulous, and had since he started, her body was bouncing all over the bed, and the pretty young woman started thrusting her pussy against his face. She believed in letting go and reveling in the sexual ministrations of her partner, so all her erotic movements were natural and involuntary.

She saw his face rise above her mons again, and this time she smiled and interrupted her blissful cooing to encourage him in what he was doing. He could have said more, but he was much more interested in continuing to eat that beautiful pussy. Darren could smell the aroma of a large quantity of fresh juices, and he knew they would be delicious, and he wanted to reach them quickly and devour them while they were at their freshest. He started with the small, ultra-smooth area between the origins of the labia and licked slowly upward. When he reached the point where the two lips were close together, Darren tilted his head slightly, so he could Teenage anal sex stories his tongue into the seam and caress both of them at once.

The outer was slick and smooth with her delicious juices and the inner lip was puffy with her arousal and felt like a warm vibrant sponge under his tongue. Darren raised his head again and smiled at the sight of the precious morsel it should have been protecting, which was so swollen it had pushed the hood out of the way.

It resembled a lovely pink pearl. He also smiled at the sight of Jennifer, whose body was tossing and bucking all over the bed, so much that he had to cling tightly to her thighs to keep her from throwing them both onto the floor. Her pussy had Teenage anal sex stories eaten several times before, but Jennifer had never gotten so much pleasure as she was that day. She knew it would be one of the most momentous of her life. She could feel herself thrashing all over the bed and hear her moans of bliss that were starting to end in whimpers and was, in general, getting some of the greatest sexual pleasure Teenage anal sex stories had ever known.

Darren was having a terrific time too, easily the best since before his wife died in the car accident. Like most men who like to eat pussy, a major part of the pleasure derived is having the woman immensely enjoy what is happening and to let him know it, either verbally or through her movements. Besides having what just might have been the most delectable pussy he had ever eaten, the woman under his mouth was doing all he could have asked for in that regard.

Teenage anal sex stories

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