Tantra goddess seattle

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Intuitive Tantric healing is a journey to your highest, most vibrant self.

Embarking on this magical journey to self discovery is the conscious decision to step into your most empowered and enlivened state of being. My name is Goddess Fifi, and I am here to guide you with loving kindness to your most luminous self. With a background in yoga, dance and massage, I encourage bodily expressions of spirit as I work to realign your chakras with healing hands.

This makes it common to suppress the Divine light you are meant to radiate to the Universe. Now is the time to heal your energetic body and shine your light with uninhibited confidence!

Together, we will break free from the shackles of the material world and transcend the negative forces holding you back from your most energetic and radiant self. By channeling your energy to the appropriate chakras, you can find balance in your life and a revived sense of freedom and joy!

I will give you a sensual journey through stagnant areas of your life and free you to move, express yourself and live to your fullest potential. I use gifts of empathy, wisdom and compassion to identify the sources of pain and discomfort in your life and gently remove them. Having studied under sages Tantra goddess seattle healers in Nepal, India and Thailand, my combination of knowledge, intuition and practice has cultivated a depth of understanding for healing the subtle anatomy governing the energetic body.

I look forward to welcoming healing light into your life. Together we will playfully rise you to your highest vibration!

I invite you to work with me to manifest your deepest desires by becoming the best person you can be. Tantra Seattle.

Salt Lake City — Goddess Lalita.

Tantra goddess seattle

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