Swf looking for her rocker chick

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Local rocker chick Inch Chua: where's the sapork for local talents? Rogue Trader Alfrescian Inf Asset. She has a good range, vocal clarity and a young artist's soul. Good luck Miss Chua. Go live your dreams outside these tall walls. Agoraphobic Alfrescian Loyal. I don't know what is "successful" here for a musician.

For her or anyone to sell original pieces, she has to have a crowd that can identify with her music, style, message, something. Which group of people does she appeal to? Working class? Blue collar? For an Asian musician to sing in English, her crowd is even smaller. Try getai. She wouldn't be the first local to get scant support. The market is too small and Sg artistes are overwhelmed by the international scene it;s an international city after all.

In my days, The Heritage did originals - no one even listened. They couldn't even last through a 3 month contract with most pubs they played in. The crowd English song listeners only wanted bands to play Hotel California and Smoke on Swf looking for her rocker chick water - familiar stuff. I don't know how this Inchua is going to make her mark outside unless she's got something nobody else does.

And ever soince the material girl, it is more marketing skills than actual music. It is uphill all the way. Better get to make some friends in advertising and write commercial jingles. My two cents.

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She need to venture outside and gather a following from key Chinese markets such as Taiwan. Singing English songs in Asia is as good as fucking oneself. RonRon Alfrescian Loyal. Rogue Trader said:. Click to expand Thank you.

Agree with you. Market size if important if you want to do originals. The Jansen brothers in Heritage were so stubborn that they did not make it. There was another local band called Legal Exile who made the exact same comment as Inch Chua and thus adopted the band name to reflect it. Singapore is a wide open market. You can get a Filipino band on the fly and on the cheap.

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There is also no homegrown music to allow the local radio to carry and develop a localised segment. The smarter ones becomes lawyers, journalists, bankers and lecturers by day and do gigs at night. They Swf looking for her rocker chick both sides of the world. Not that it is the norm elsewhere but in Singapore, that seems to the only way to progress in life, do things you like and keep your sanity. By the way, she should realise that even in major markets in the west. The failure rate amongst those with decent skills in the music genre is also very high. There are thousands that don't make it.

It is so bad that some musicians and bands actually pay promoters money to do gigs to get the exposure. Agoraphobic said:. KuanTi01 Alfrescian Inf Asset. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. Replies 21 Views 1K. Jun 27, LordElrond. Russia bu rejected for PR over 17 years!!! Fuck PAP rather take a smelly indian cunt. Replies 25 Views 2K. May 30, mojito. John Tan is Right, xenophobic oppies online creating hardship for Pappie's foreign talents. Replies 13 Views 1K.

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Oct 7, Hypocrite-The. One Singaporean just die from the beloved Phua Chu Kang vaccine. Replies 12 Views 1K. Jun 26, blackmondy. Keling drama queen is very scared that she would be raped in Singapore. Replies 28 Views 2K. May 23, birdie

Swf looking for her rocker chick

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Local rocker chick Inch Chua: where's the sapork for local talents? byee