Stand strong poem

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Stand strong against discouraging, dishearting, demorilizing ways Ignore the comments of a haters haze Look into the eyes of those who don't believe in you and give them something to believe into Because you are the light that shines through when all other lights turn to hues Speak words of wisdom But do not mistake You will have trials and tribulations you must take So take them with your head held high even though the enemy will try Stand strong poem make you crumble under his deciet but you will not settle for defeat Because you stand strong against it all even though times you may fall Just dust yourself off and know there will be pain But you have the strength to regain The force that kept you going all along Just remember my sister my brother To stand strong.

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I wrote this as an empowering chant poem for my fellow African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. Although I believe it can empower other minorities as well. I hope you enjoy.

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Stand strong poem

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I Still Stand Strong