Solar mamamoo dating

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Your browser does not support video. Ever the thoughtful queen, she decided to surprise the foreign fan with an appearance from Moonbyul when she heard they really liked her. Moonbyul wondered what would happen if the fan wished to become rich, to which Solar said she would guide him well.

Uncertain where the date should be, they put a lot of thought and effort into figuring out a good location. He was shocked to learn that Solar knew he was a fan of Moonbyul, and although he seemed a bit disappointed at not being able to see his bias, he still appeared happy for the opportunity.

Solar observed that there were a lot of food stalls around before they decided to grab a snack together. Florian seemed pretty comfortable with Solar, as he was able to crack jokes with her, pretending to be unemployed before eventually revealing he is a student. They enjoyed the scenery as they walked up Solar mamamoo dating very steep hill before Solar mamamoo dating eventually asked where they were going. Both Solar and Florian express awe at how impressive and beautiful the wall is. Florian seemed genuinely interested in the area, truly appreciating it and asking Solar questions about its history.

Solar, very informatively, tells him that the wall has been around since the Joseon Era! He also noticed writing on the wall and asks her about it. The best tour guide and date ever, Solar explains that they marked information on the wall, such as the name and area of the construction. Ever observant, Florian has more questions and wants to know about a they stumbled upon during their walk. You need an app that will let you choose specific tour destinations in the app. In this case, the Seoul City Wall.

She shows Florian the imaginary wall that shows up using the AR app and encourages him to make a wish.

When Solar asked about what his wish was, he wholesomely explained that he wanted to meet Moonbyul once. Which, of course, she already knew but was setting him up for something epic! All their hard work coordinating the surprise was worth it because Florian was definitely surprised! Solar revealed that both she and Moonbyul prepared the surprise together. Florian was understandably ecstatic.

Moonbyul officially introduced herself to Florian before trying to run off with him, leaving Solar behind. View Dark Theme. Share This Post Facebook.

Solar mamamoo dating

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