Shih poo puppies orlando

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At 9 weeks she weighs 23 oz. She is very affectionate and loves to play indoors or outdoors. This little pup is the first one to try new things. Her willing attitude and desire to be with you makes her a great companion dog for someone who is able to care for such a tiny little girl.

The Shih Poo coat is hypoallergenic and will require regular brushing and grooming. For this reason they can vary in size and be 8 to 14 inches and between 8 to 15 lbs or lessdepending on the parents. Their coat will not be curly like the poodle but generally wavy and full with little to no shedding. Regular grooming is necessary to keep their coat from being matted.

This hybrid is also considered to be hypoallergenic. If you have other pets in the home, the shih poo will get along well with them. Due to the poodle influence in this hybrid, they can be more athletic and active.

This is a great combination and seems to result in the best of both breeds. Tim and Cindy Kyle of South Dakota Rick G. Dunedin FL I truly can't say enough! I can't believe how perfect she is! So well trained at 8 weeks!

She even sits for her treat! Absolutely amazing! Trish G Naples Florida Molly is 9 years old now Micheline. I love her to death. The kids have moved and she's the light in my day. Maddalena Ontario Canada Marianne A. Micheline is wonderful and such a sweet, caring and loving woman!

She is amazing with her puppies and so helpful and informative! Amy Tampa Fl Paul and Helen Hi Micheline my husband and I purchased Mr. Wiggles and he is a wonderful little snuggle bunny. He is around 7 lbs and real funny and athletic.

We are so glad you still have his video playing thank you so much. Cindy M. Mims FL Gus truly is an awesome, super sweet, relaxed little guy! Everybody who meets him falls in love with him! He's been a great addition to our family! Thank you so much Micheline!

Milo the Mal Shi is well trained and you can tell he had a wonderful upbringing. Thank you for everything! Chinyelu Atlanta Georgia Frankie the Yorkie Poo is such a character and joy to have around. He is a happy little fellow, he makes me smile all the time. Tim from Tampa Fl Kelly from Utah Gracie is doing wonderful! So smart and did not hear a peep out of her all night. Pottys outside every time. Helen and Ron Bradenton FL Thanks Micheline for helping us pick the right pup.

He is perfect for us Shih poo puppies orlando our neighbors love "Bailey" too.

John and Fran Bock Florida Rachel M. Terms of Use. What did you say? Subscribe to our mailing list. Micheline's Pups. Even though we weren't able to get a puppy thru Micheline she spent a good amount of time on the phone with me Very nice person! She has the best personality. So sweet, so happy, confident and We are so happy with her.

Happy, healthy pups are what you can expect from Micheline. I have known Micheline for several years and have met many They are all sweet, happy and healthy dogs. Our little "Gidget", a LhasaPoo, is now 2 years "young" and as playful as the day she arrived at our home. She grew into a beautiful dog with a curious personality and loves both humans and other dogs.

Gidget can be stubborn and challenging during training, but with a bit of patience, lots of encouragement and love, she has become a well behaved dog. She has learned many "tricks" and really likes to show off to anyone who will watch. This energetic little dog has a job as a certified, registered and insured therapy dog who will sit quietly on a welcoming lap.

She visits many different medical facilities and also does one-on-one visits at private homes when requested. Gidget le an exciting full life with her therapy work, doggy fashion shows, fundraisers, special events presently Queen of the Eustis "Strut Your Mutt" while always working on her agility, obedience and tricks training.

We love Shih poo puppies orlando cherish this charming, mischievous pup. She lives up to her full name: "Gidget, the Belle of the Ball"! I Shih poo puppies orlando not have one of her puppies, but I buy my dog's holistic heartworm protection from Micheline. Many people might For the 2nd time in a row, my dog's heartworm test has come back negative, and I've been on this product for about 6 months. Micheline took her time to talk to me for over an hour on the phone about this product and how she uses it on her own dogs.

She is a wonderful, kind person and freely gave me so much of her knowledge on raising dogs holistically. I can't recommend her or this product enough. My Mia is 3 years old healthy 10 bs Shipoo. She has very healthy Biewers at good prices who Shih poo puppies orlando ready for adoption when she has done her thing with them. Lucy is doing wonderful!! Kids have taught her tricks, she loves her cheese for I am following the routine you started and everything is going great!! I will send you more updates soon!! Thank you again Jill. Always looking out for the well being of pups in general and giving out the best advice We love our little toy poodle, Oso.

He has the best personality. He loves to play yet is just as content to be on our Micheline is so knowledgeable and I love that she uses a holistic approach when caring for the dogs.

She took her time explaining her recommendations to us and even sent us home with a little care package. Once we got home we had questions and she responded immediately and even took time out to check back in on Christmas to make sure our little guy was doing well. I would definitely recommend her puppies. Our family got 2 beautiful morkies from Michelin 3 years ago and it's been a blessing since, we will always highly

Shih poo puppies orlando

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