Positive love songs

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Being in love should come with a medical list of side effects. May induce: nausea, slight fever, and hallucinations. After all, when you're in love, everything feels different. The sky's a more vivid shade of blue; birds chirp according to a different melody; your steps are so buoyant you might as Positive love songs be walking on moonbeams.

Another side effect of being in love? You're attuned to the greatest conspiracy of them all: the songs on the radio were written for you. Suddenly, every track is full of lyrics to close-read and doodle in the margins of notebooks. Whether it's a soul song from the '60s or a synth-heavy pop song, if it's about love, then it's about you.

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When you're deep into the honeymoon phase, these songs across all genres will help bolsters those Cloud 9 feelings. If you're feeling especially romantic, you can even burn them on a mixtape. If you need more Positive love songs in your playlist, listen to these songs and more on Spotify. TikTok phenom Tate McRae wants people to know that the writing in her. We want to shine the spotlight on women artists whose music inspires, excites. Tiara Thomas has always known what she wants. Please read with care. My lifelong experience in the music and entertainment in.

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Welcome to About My Business, our brand new career column. For years, I was g. Massachusetts-bred rapper BIA is a force to be reckoned with.

Positive love songs

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