Personality type compatibility test

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Do opposites really attract? Or should you be dating someone similar to yourself? Which personality types are compatible? The couples we think work best are those that have just the right amount of similarities to understand each other and just the right amount of differences to create that spark. Without shared ground, it can be challenging to relate to and understand each other, which are key for a healthy relationship.

If each person has complementary strengths and weaknesses, it makes for an unstoppable team that can learn from each other and help one another grow. So which personality types are compatible? We have found that the following works best in relationships:.

There are different benefits and drawbacks to each combination. Who they are: INFPs are idealistic, creative, Personality type compatibility test principled. Compromising their values is just not an option for this personality type.

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INFPs are kind, open-minded, and empathetic. However, they can be oversensitive, impractical, and are prone to leaving projects unfinished.

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Who they are: ENFPs are spontaneous, enthusiastic, and creative. They are full of ideas. Quitting their job to become a yoga teacher in Bali or to save baby polar bears in the Arctic is just another day in the life of an ENFP. They often have a stockpile of quirky stories from these adventures, exacerbated by their lack of practical skills that get them into all kinds of unusual situations. ENFPs are resourceful, curious, and know how to have fun.

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However, they can be unpredictable, impractical, and flighty. Who they are: INFJs are reflective, devoted and perceptive. INFJs are thoughtful, passionate, and mysterious. However, they can be oversensitive, perfectionists, and stubborn. Who they are: ENFJs are giving, charismatic and supportive. They are naturally popular and have hectic social calendars.

ENFJs are encouraging, sociable, and affectionate. However, they can be manipulative, smothering, and too selfless. Who they are: INTPs are analytical, conceptual, and inventive. They are exceptional at analyzing problems. INTPs are honest, logical, and innovative.

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However, they can be insensitive, absent-minded, and aloof. Who they are: ENTPs are original, inquisitive, and visionary. They are sponges for information and love to debate. ENTPs are treasure chests of knowledge as a result of having completely immersed themselves in numerous obscure topics over their lifetime. ENTPs are quick-witted, resourceful and innovative. However, they can be argumentative, tactless, and impractical. Who they are: INTJs are purposeful, innovative, and structured.

The reason why they moved the toothbrush holder 30 cm to the left is not because they felt like it. INTJs are organized, independent, and future-oriented.

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However, they may be judgmental, arrogant, and impatient. Who they are: Determined, decisive, and charismatic. ENTJs are natural-born leaders that project an aura of certainty and authority. When they decide they want something, they go full speed ahead and watch out for anyone who gets in their way. ENTJs are assertive, confident, and goal-oriented. However, they can be stubborn, impatient, and ruthless. Who they are: ISFJs are loyal, practical and altruistic. They are always there to help.

ISFJs are warm, dependable, and traditional. However, they can be inflexible, oversensitive, and perfectionists. Who they are: ESFJs are sociable, warm, and organized. They are people-oriented and popular. ESFJs are a big hit at dinner parties, somehow finding a perfect balance of being fun and responsible.

ESFJs are selfless, practical, and loyal. However, they can be needy, inflexible, and narrow-minded. Who they are: ISTJs are thorough, reliable, and honest. They are dutiful and can always be counted on to follow through. ISTJs are hard-working, orderly, and strong-willed. However, they can be stubborn, insensitive, and judgmental. Who they are: ESTJs are direct, organized, and dedicated. They are model citizens. No Personality type compatibility test event would be complete without an ESTJ ensuring everything is going to plan.

ESTJs are efficient, reliable, and honest. However, they can be rigid, judgmental, and insensitive. Who they are: ISFPs are creative, kind, and sensitive. They have a strong appreciation for aesthetics and are often artistically gifted. They feel happiest when following their hearts, be it taking a year off to paint every species of rhododendron or becoming a horse whisperer.

ISFPs are loyal, perceptive, and passionate. However, they can be unpredictable, indecisive, and disorganized. Who they are: ESFPs are spontaneous, energetic, and playful. ESFPs are the life and soul of the party. They embrace being the center of attention in social situations Personality type compatibility test live for the moment. ESFPs are fun-loving, observant, and practical. However, they can be unfocused, poor long-term planners, and take things too personally. Who they are: ISTPs are practical, easy-going, and adaptable.

Figuring out how things work comes naturally to people of this personality type. They are particularly useful to have Personality type compatibility test a passenger in your car as they will be able to fix it ten times faster than anyone else in the case of a breakdown.

ISTPs are analytical, relaxed, and spontaneous. However, they can be insensitive, non-committal, and easily bored. Who they are: ESTPs are outgoing, enthusiastic and straight-shooting. They love nothing more than jumping into action and are constantly scanning the environment for the next exciting adventure.

A midnight motorbike ride across the mouth of a volcano? Count them in.

Personality type compatibility test

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