Panasonic sound bar hook up

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We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. In this article. Like any other speaker system, sound bars benefit from a bit of extra time and care when you first set them up. Use our easy-to-follow guide to find out how you can get the best-quality audio from yours. Follow our six easy steps to set yours up. We also explain what the different connections mean so you can choose Panasonic sound bar hook up best for your setup, and take you through what updates you need to make to your TV.

Sound bars aren't just for use with TVs, though — you can also use one to listen to music from your phone, tablet or laptop. We'll show you how. Here, we'll help you to set up your sound bar, but you'll also want to make sure your TV is looking its best. Use our free tool to see your TV's ideal picture setting — go to how to get the best TV picture. If you have any issues with your sound bar, see our expert guide to common sound bar problems. If possible, place your sound bar directly in front of your TV and watch head on for the best. To save space, you can fix the sound bar to the wall, but you'll need a separate bracket.

If your sound bar has an external subwoofer, it might need a cable connection. Panasonic sound bar hook up are wireless and can be placed elsewhere, but generally it should be within 10 metres of the sound bar. Ideally, your sound bar should have equal space to its left and right edges, so sound disperses evenly around the room. This helps the sound reflect more evenly towards your TV viewing position for a more balanced and immersive experience.

The ideal distance between you and the sound bar will vary depending on how powerful it is and whether it has any surround-sound features. Check the manual to see what the manufacturer recommends.

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Outside of this, audio quality deteriorates, so try to set up your room so all TV viewers get the best audio quality possible. Dolby Atmos uses upwards-firing speakers to bounce sound off the ceiling, to put you in the middle of the action. If your sound bar supports it, follow the instruction menu so you can get it set up for your specific room shape and size.

Soft furnishings elsewhere, such as carpets and curtains, will help to improve sound quality. On the hunt for a sound bar that can take pride of place in your living room? Discover the Best Buy sound bars that combine style with substance. You can set up your room to perfection and still fall down at the most important hurdle: picking the right connection. We explore your main options to help you find the best for your setup. Analogue cables are simple to set up by plugging the coloured plugs into the matching port.

If you're still limited to analogue connections, it might be time for an upgrade. See our Best Buy TVs to find a model that's right for you. Practically every sound bar comes with one form of digital input, be it digital coaxial or digital optical. This allows you to control other bits of CEC-enabled equipment, such as the volume and power of your TV, using just one remote. This handy feature allows you to link HDMI-compatible devices together. For example, you can connect your Blu-ray player or console to the sound bar, so only one cable needs to connect to your TV, working as both input and output.

Check which one your TV has it might have both and choose a sound bar that matches it. You can use the filters on our sound bar reviews to find models with the connections you want. Navigate to the TV menu and choose to output sound to an Panasonic sound bar hook up speaker system. Look for:. This will allow you to use your TV remote to adjust the volume coming from the sound bar. You Panasonic sound bar hook up need to change the delay and volume levels, as every room has its own shape, layout and furniture, and these all affect the sound.

In our tests, we often find that the subwoofer level is set quite high by default, so we then reduce it accordingly. Still having problems with your set-up?

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See our expert guide to common sound bar problems. Sound bars often have smart features, which allow you to control some settings with your smartphone or tablet. This is especially likely in mid-range and premium sound bars. Different brands and models have different levels of functionality. That might be fine now, but it means you could lose those functions which can be as important as being able to balance the audio to suit your room when the app is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

If your sound bar is showing its age, find out more about Panasonic sound bar hook up features available on the latest models — go to how to buy the best sound bar. The setup process varies between models, but it usually involves connecting to your sound bar using an app.

After this initial setup, you should be good to go. If you want to play audio from portable devices such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet, check whether the sound bar has 3.

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Most recent sound bars can connect wirelessly using Bluetooth. This allows you to play music through your phone or laptop, for instance.

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Staying within the same house or flat is usually fine, but obstacles or thick walls can cause interference. Many Panasonic sound bar hook up bars have a 3. It could be useful for playing music from a portable audio device such as a smartphone, but you're probably better off just using a Bluetooth connection. Headphone jacks are notably absent from many modern smartphones — iPhones haven't had them sinceand Samsung's flagship models ditched the port in Many sound bars now come with wi-fi connectivity that allows them to form part of a multi-room music system.

Generally speaking, these only work with other speakers of the same brand. If you have a Sonos multi-room speaker system already, buying a Sonos sound bar might make more sense, for example. See Panasonic sound bar hook up guide to multi-room speakers for more information on the best brands. Test score. FW Felix Wilson. In this article How to set up your sound bar The best way to connect a sound bar Setting up a TV with your sound bar Setting up a sound bar app Sound bar voice controls Playing music through your sound bar.

How to set up your sound bar If possible, place your sound bar directly in front of your TV and watch head on for the best. More on this How to buy the best sound bar Sound bar reviews Which? Best Buy sound bars Don't Buy sound bars. Related articles Sound bars vs home cinema systems: which is best? Samsung vs LG TVs: which is best? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share by.

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Panasonic sound bar hook up

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A guide to Getting the Best from your Panasonic Soundbar and TV