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At first glance, it's not quite obvious what differentiates OkCupid from other dating apps. In an age where Tinder makes swiping easy and Bumble puts all the power in the woman's hands, it's easy to discount OkCupid as a generic also-ran. It's not until you Online dating okcupid review the up process that you realize it gathers enough information about you to make informed match suggestions, which saves you the time you would otherwise spend sorting through hundreds of profiles.

You can also use most of its features without paying a dime. OkCupid doesn't quite unseat our Editors' Choice, Match, with its equally robust profiles and user-friendly interface, but it's a solid alternative for those seeking long-term Online dating okcupid review. OkCupid is available as an iOS app and an Android app, as well as on the desktop.

Like most dating apps, OkCupid really wants you to up using Facebook, but unlike other more mobile-focused platforms, it asks for an instead of a phone as an alternative up option. That's a small distinction but an important one—it shows that OkCupid isn't just a swipe-and-like mobile environment.

The process takes you through the usual requests, such as your name, age, location, and an appreciated amount of options for nonbinary users. You can select up to five descriptors including cis, Hijra, gender-fluid, and two-spirit. There's an empowering empathy in allowing users to pick a true gender description, not just a this-or-that sex deation.

You're also offered the option to be included in searches for both men and women if that's what you're into, independent of how you identify, as well as choose your specific pronouns. You're allowed to choose if you're looking for hookups, friendships, short-term dating, or long-term dating, and you can also note if you're open to Online dating okcupid review relationships. Those who identify as pansexual will love the "I'm open to everyone" option.

After a short self-summary, you get into a quiz that OkCupid uses to help calculate your best matches. There are questions about religion, astrology, and politics, plus a few to deduce how messy you are. You can tell OkCupid if a particular question is more important than another when being used to match you with a fellow user. You can also opt to answer more questions at any time. OkCupid's quiz is a nice balance between eharmony's exhaustive questionnaire and Tinderwhich barely makes you a photo before you can start searching. Finally, having expressed your opinions, wants, and needs, you're ready to drop yourself into the dating pool.

Finding people you're into is straightforward. You start in a section called Double Take, which is a parade of profiles where you can swipe left to pass, or right to show your interest. The feature is very Tinder-like, though OkCupid doesn't make you pay extra to undo a left-swipe like its competitor does. User profiles offer up a selection of photos that are easy to open and swipe through, but it actually takes a few extra steps to get full-screen images.

You're never far from the profile's personality sections, be it age, education, or an individual's bio. More importantly, the users the app returns are quantified in a meaningful way. OkCupid gives you a percentage rating of how you match based on your profile questions.

There's an overall rating at the top, but then also a breakdown further down the profile that gives you an idea of how you match up on lifestyle, religion, and other topics. Plus, you can click into the percentage to get even more details on compatibility. You can click into the Lifestyle and Dating sections to better discover how you match with a particular person.

It's surprisingly effective in helping determine if you really want to reach out to the person, giving you more personality insight into the user than the canned yes or no preferences you get with other apps. Yes, it takes more time to review a potential match than just looking at a picture and swiping, but the idea is to lead to a more qualified match not based on looks alone. The membership seems more diverse in terms of interests than on other apps.

You might open a profile for a "dominant introvert" who calls herself "a very sadistic person. Digging deeper into the search tool, at some point the app had somehow Online dating okcupid review to save preferred age range, and decided to show Online dating okcupid review interested in women. Even after additional filtering and adjusting, the search continued to serve up people that definitely had no interest in aging tech-writer dudes.

That said, it's nice to have the option to limit search to users that have actually been online within the last day, week, month, or even year—cutting out anyone who ed up and split a long time ago. You might spend so long in the app without being asked for money that you might actually think maybe the company doesn't want any. You would be wrong.

While it's free to browse and even contact other members, OkCupid will happily take your cash for the upgraded features its the premium A-List service.

However, you won't get the hard obnoxious sell right after swiping past a couple profiles. Along with an ad-free experience, A-Listers get more refined searching functionality and the option to receive read-receipts from their messages.

It cuts down on random spam. However, with unlimited likes and the ability to see which folks like them already, A-List users can effectively send messages to anyone who might be interested. You also get the ability to see other people's answers to certain profile questions Online dating okcupid review you answer, essentially letting you game the system to force a commonality. Even with these extra charges, there's no arguing that OkCupid is one of the more-affordable dating apps.

Most of its competitors, with the exception of POFcharge to let you contact your matches. That said, not having to pay does open the door to less-serious users who are only looking to browse, and it doesn't offer the safety and privacy features built into Bumble. Competing apps offer much more aggressive virtual dating features. Bumble and eharmony have video chat.

Hinge helps you and your partner set up a virtual date on a different app. Facebook not only has Facebook Dating but its new experimental app Tuned for helping quarantined couples stay connected.

OkCupid isn't for the hookup set. Its data-driven approach to matches is more in line with people looking for meaningful, long-term relationships. Its meaty profiles give you a lot to chew on before reaching out to a potential match, and it doesn't stick its hand out too soon to ask for cash. The extensive profile-building process also means more data-driven matches than you'll find on comparable apps. In short, OkCupid is a Online dating okcupid review affordable eharmony. Our Editors' Choice dating app, Match, also has robust profiles, along with a fun, easy-to-use interface, but OkCupid is a worthy competitor.

For those looking for a date for tonight rather than something more long-term, check out our other Editors' Choice, Tinder. Excellent 4. Bottom Line With its data-driven matches and inclusive ecosystem, OkCupid is a great alternative to the swipe-if-they're-hot Online dating okcupid review apps. Pros Most of the app can be used for free Robust profiles Inclusive identification options for gender and sexual identities Cons Search function sometimes returns errant Free interface serves and may invite casual browsers No video chat At first glance, it's not quite obvious what differentiates OkCupid from other dating apps.

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Online dating okcupid review

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