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The Thai Aromatherapy Oil massageor better known as the Thai Oil Massage, combines the invigorating technique of traditional Thai massage Oil massage adelaide the gentle application of essential oils. The aroma Thai massage involves smooth strokes and circular movements over all the muscle groups that completely relaxes the entire body to wash away aches and pains. Aromatherapy Oil massage in general has been around for some years as a alternative treatment. This type of aroma treatment is known to have a ificant effect on psychological and physical well being of body and mind.

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There is the belief that "scent" is the most powerful of our senses, and has the ability to change our emotions, while healing our bodies. Through the use of pure essential oils both on and off the skin via inhalation is where your body achieves this natural inner healing power.

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It's totally up to you. You can have as many or as less as you wish. Recent studies have show vast improvements in the overall well being of people in their Oil massage adelaide to day lives who have a regular thai body massage sessions. If it's general health, or alternative benefits you're seeking from a Thai massage, then regular sessions is just what you need. Or maybe you're suffering from a particular aliment. If so, your massage therapist can assist you in setting up an Adelaide full body massage treatment plan.

All Thai Oil Massages are done by an experienced, energetic and lovely Thai ladies. By Appointment Only. Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday - am to pm.

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Go ahead - Relax, Rejuvenate and Unwind. You've earned it!

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So you Deserve it! Monday to Saturday am. What benefits might I receive from a Thai Oil Massage?

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How much does a thai aroma massage cost? Thai Oil Massage. Traditional Thai Massage. Deep Tissue Massage. Thai Foot Massage. Combination Thai Massage. Head Neck and Shoulders Massage.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(743) 110-6038 x 8751

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