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What started as an intriguing low budget documentary released in limited theaters in has now grown into an absolute worldwide phenomenon and has become a focal point in the globes lexicon. Casting calls are currently being planned and submissions from real life onliners are being accepted now.

This could be your chance to be featured on the series that has everyone talking. Catfish: The TV Show focuses on everyday people involved in online relationships who have never met or video chatted with the people they are talking to. Will the person that they have been speaking to be the person they meet? Are they truly who they have made themselves out to be? Will real relationships be able to be forged in these complicated digital times? All of the questions and more are poised to be answered in this sensational reality TV production If you or someone you know are currently in the midst of an online relationship and are looking for answers or to confess something about Mtv catfish application Catfish and MTV want to hear from you.

You can find out more information about the show and fill out a casting call application here mtvcasting. We will be posting every audition update and news here so keep checking back and be sure to leave a comment in the space below Mtv catfish application tell us your Catfish story and why you want to be a part of this incredible program. Now is your chance to have your story told. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It all Mtv catfish application almost 2 months ago when I received a message from this soldier over in Africa.

He sent me a few photos and we started talking on whats app. After telling me that his father died when he was little and his mother died in a car accident and his wife died of cancer I told my sister about him. She was suspicious from the get go. After a while, he said he was going to send me some money so that I can hold it for him when he comes to meet me in Chicago. I gave him my so that he can deposit his checks. When I told my sister what happened she went ballistic and had me close my bank and tell the bank not to cash those checks.

My sister called credit bureau and put a hold on my credit. It was a big mess. He denies claims made by my sister that he is catfishing me and I still talk to him on a daily basis. I think my sister is wrong, but this Mtv catfish application where you come in. I want to prove to my sister that she is wrong. Please help. My fiend needs help. Her liver BF cheats and lies and she wants to catch hi in act. I send he screen shots of our conversations as he is sitting in same room as her!

He denies being in any sort of relationship, says no gf! He has asked me to move in first time we even chatted! MAkws her pay for his house repairs and take care of his kid!

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We really want to make him an example. Can u please help her? Hello Neck how are you today?? They did succeed into my ebay, Amazon, where my credit card info was saved at. How Can someone be so mean. Please help me before they destore what I have left.

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Please help!!! She claimed to be from knoxville and on a mission in colombia. She sent me a key to her house but never gave me address. She sent ne cards n a box if stuff n money so i didnt think she was no catfish. We would love to confront her as she now has went missing on this woman. We are certain she out there stil playing ppl. I feel emotionally raped by her. Please help us call this woman out on her games. Im in Australia and he told me pretty quickly he loves me and is moving here to marry me etc.

But hes always got excuses as to why he cant move Mtv catfish application. Never known someone with so many injuries lol. He wont video with me when ive asked. I know theres secrets hes hiding but no idea what. Ive got noone to help me. I really loved him but just know im being played. Hi nev and max I live in Texas and I am 21 and I met this guy on instagram and I want to know if he is real or not he seems fishy and I want to know if this guy is real or not.

Hi my name is Troy Allen from I need the cat fish show help please I meant this Becky Ann Taylor girl 4 years ago on Facebook and she was living in Africa for 5 years I got her back Mtv catfish application California San Juan Capistrano is where she was born can you help me I have spent thousands of dollars o this and know she said she will fly out of the Khon wane Airport but she all ways needs money please call me back.

Im a gamer and streamer on twitch. To make this long story shorter. A girl met me on twitch. She Mtv catfish application me on snapchat where we started talking. Now I dont usually talk to viewers like this or really look for relationships or anything close to it online.

We we kept talking. We had so much in common, everything almost! She was soo beautiful,enjoyed gaming,liked the same films as me,music,hobbies, it seemed like the girl of my dreams! She lives in Houston Texas, so quite a bit aways. We talked for about 5 weeks everyday,almost all day, about almost everything.

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I was fully committed after these Mtv catfish application weeks and felt like I was so lucky to of met someone this amazing, that was into me as much as I was into her. This was a dream! She was even coming to see me. She was going to fly from texas to ohio to spend time with me! I literally could not believe it. BUT The 1 issue I had was that we never actually talked,or video chatted. She sent me pictures,old videos, but never anything recent. My first red flag was that she sent me a picture stating it was from that day. When i mentioned this she immediately got defensive Mtv catfish application blocked me for a short while.

Being into her as much as i was i thought okay maybe se is just insecure and very shy. But why would she be coming to see someone she never met states away? This isnt right. She is a fake. The girl i have been talking to,or guy who knows, Is not the women shes been showing me.

I want to know who I have been talking to,watching movies with,talking about life with. Shes a fake and I need to know who this person is, why she did this to me, so this doesnt happen again. My true love is in San Diego, California. The story goes from twenty two years ago, had a crush on her back in collage. Now she had became the women i had fallen in love with. Back inwe had lost contact with each-other, an because they were Christians, they had gotten threatened and had to flee the Country, Never saw her again. A friend [Mutual] friend, had found her online and Mtv catfish application me her information.

Tried contacting her, We chatted for three hours, It felt comfortable for the first, time in so long. So now the issue is, we want to get married; But! Can you please help Reunite us once again? Hi Guys. Im Kevin.

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I have been talking to a gal in Bangkok, Thailand. Still doesnt have any of it. Phone has to be configured she says for international calling. That was 2 wks. Now she had a motorbike accident and damaged the phone but is going to get it replace. I added international calling to my phone plan.

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It only Mtv catfish application 30 secs to configure. Why didnt i realize it then. Also prices she quoted are 10xs higher than what they actually are. I was stupid enough to even send money without researching 1st. I would love to hear from you both. Hope u will consider me for a casting. It would be interesting to Mtv catfish application a show in Thailand.

I can be reached via or. We have been talking for the longest time and I really need your help to find him and see who he really is. Please read this neive and max. It all began when we were in fifth grade, and she met him through a teenage dating website. He talked about coming to Michigan to meet her, so she came clean and said her real name. Not putting her real name She said her name was Vanessa and he was okay with that because he was lying to her too!

Fast forward another long year and a half. Vanessa told her she could have been honest with her, and that she would have still loved her no matter what the circumstances were. I could really use your help! Hi Nev and Matt! My name is Amy. I have a friend who is dating this guy well was and I was dating him to online. She and I never meet him just text and call on him along with the Line App.

She wants to do the catfish show because we need answers.

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Please contact me at Dear Nev and Matt, I am writing you because I really need your help. I am a 70 year old lady who when I turned 68 decided to not give up on finding Love. I ed Match. I was Found by a man who claims to be 57 years old and has a son who is Mtv catfish application His profile said that he was a widower who had lost his wife five years prior.

Mtv catfish application

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