Missing love loyalty and Hazleton

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Grace Sloan will be sworn in as state treasurer today and Thomas Z. Minehart as auditor general tomorrow. Canover, Liberty street, Easton, told city police yesterday. Canover told police he parked the car at The Cove about p. Tha efficient patented Water Missing love loyalty and Hazleton tank ball instantly stops the flow of water after each flushing.

More than 8ft Weatherly High School pupils participated in the essay contest under the supervision of John Timko, guidance counselor and English instructor at the school. It marks the second consecutive year that Timko has supervised the student-participation in the contest for the VFW. These words so often said by so many, but so seldom regarded in their full meaning. Yet, every time you or I acknowledge this salute, we are promising loyalty to our land, our home, our country.

It was never meant to be said as force of habit, but to be pledged with love of country. No promise should be made without deep understanding and sincerity. This is one of the biggest promises ever to make. Broad St. VX ZS ise with a big responsibility. It was once said, "To thine own self be true. Aren't these what my country stands for?

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Therefore, the two are but one. I, too, am willing, although I probably would not have such an opportunity. I may not be able to die for my country, but I can live for it. My individual help in community projects, jury duty, mili-tar service, or the helping of my fellow nran will demonstrate my honest sincerity. And when I reach that age which Missing love loyalty and Hazleton me to a voice in my government, that voice being my vote 1 will usej this right to its fullest, in making!

Is this loyalty? Definitely not. Being loyal is making sure my country does not become wrong. These are just paint, but below is found the true wood of loyalty, my actions. For a country is the oeople and I am the people.

This i life must uphold those things for which the United States stands.

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Where did you come from, baby dear? Where did you get those eyes of blue?

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What makes the light in them sparkle and spin? Where did you get that little tear? What makes your forehead so smooth and high? What makes your cheek like a warm, white rose? Whence that three-cornered smile of bliss? Where did you get that pearly ear? Where did you get those arms and hands? Feet, Missing love loyalty and Hazleton did you come you darling things?

How did they all just come to be you? But how did you come to us, you dear? Written by George MacDonald. My pledge will not be made with lips, but with the deep convictions of my heart. This promise of my loyalty shall be but a token, given to my country in return for its great gift to me, the gift of freedom. Getz's Essay "As a pioneer nation we blazed a trail set forth a new road to freedom. Our unfailing task is to keep this road evident. The nature of this task inherited by each succeeding generation is suggested by the reverse side of our national coat.

Freedom Is not a gift, but a task; loyalty to it Is an obligation of every American. Loyalty is more than a spine tingling salute, or an oath of allegiance, a fervid ferbal declaration. Such flag waving is more- symbolism displayed on such occasions as the Fourth of July or Nov. A person gets from a sym bol the meaning he puts into it What is one man's comfort and inspiration is another's jest and scorn.

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Willingness to subordinate every private advantage for larger part is supreme loyalty. Does this mean that one must die for his country to commit some act of bravery in battle in order to show his loyalty or patriotism? The walls of Sparta were built for Spartans; likewise, the walls of America are built for loyal Americans. How do we show our loyalty to the chal lenge of democracy? What is meant by a loyal American? The consent of the governed, means not only permission fc ra government, but a system in which the people are that government.

Few people take the trouble to write their congressmen; a congressman representing the people must know their wishes if demo cracy is to be the will of the people. The question is presented to the public as to whetuer one ought to be built.

A few wealthy men may oppose the idea for political or other reasons. John Q. America looks across the way to his neighbor and assumes an opinion along with the Missing love loyalty and Hazleton, all of whom, not wishing to be different, go along with those opposing the school. The man who voiced his opinion or John Q. If you asked him why he didn't, the underlying theme of his answer would be that he abhorred the thoughts of being considered different. Little does he realize that conformity of opinion Missing love loyalty and Hazleton achieve but one thing; the commonalty of dictatorship.

Are they disloyal? Loyalty above all, is not conformity. Those of us who are sure of ourselves do not need reassurance, and those who have confidence in the strength and virtue of the American dream do not need fear either criticism or competition. Only totalitarian governments insist upon an absence of diversity. Without these qualities, the foundation stones of our society will erode into the sands of disunity and dictatorship. If we fail to meet the premiums to insure its ni-nr". Act loyal, feel loyal,! The Increase was general throughout the nation, tho VA said, with the largest increases in the Pacific Coast states 72 percent; the New England states 60 percent, and the Mid-Atlantic states 56 percent.

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Applications for homo loan guaranty were also up in March to 90, compared with Februsry'i 66, en Increase of Missing love loyalty and Hazleton percent. This substantial Increase In appraisal requests and loan guaranty applications appears to reflect tho easing supply of housing mortgago money and tho Increased attractiveness of the 5Vi percent GI loan interest rate, VA said.

Come in today to order in time for Mother's Day, May 14th. Freedom under law If till Oi air wt br h. Popt tak It for grants and ar unaware it until thy rm dprivd of iO? Dwicht D. Tint MriiMl, D. Freedom to speak or write what you think, whether you agree with the government or not. Tint M M, V. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Next. Get access to Newspapers.

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Missing love loyalty and Hazleton

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