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Let me reiterate…Latino men are obnoxious. During my orientation they warned us that Latin men are aggressive and straightforward. As I adjusted Quito, I realized exactly what they meant.

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Ecuadorian men will go out of their way to be ridiculous. I always wonder what they are trying to get at because once they have your attention, the men just continue hissing, whistling, and catcalling. I wonder if women in Ecuador ever actually go up to the guys and give them their phone s.

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Does it work for any of them? Why is this? But really? Is it the gringa thing? Is it because I am tall and am incredibly white? On a regular basis I look around me and see many Ecuadorian women who are beautiful.

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They are dressed to a tee in their Ecuadorian fashion with full make-up and hair. Every woman is subject to catcalls in public in this country but gringas get a lot more attention. It is somewhat of an ego boost, but Men from ecuador than anything it is just obnoxious. Another thing to be weary of is making eye contact Men from ecuador Ecuadorian men—in any context. More importantly if you are dancing with a guy and making eye contact, they will interpret this as encouragement and will try to kiss you. They see it as a green light to make a move.

Expect this from every type of man; even old men are subject to stop you and tell you how beautiful you are. It is almost too much to take. I have a friend who lives in Puerto Viejo on the coast and she happens to have blonde hair and blue eyes. As my friend was walking through a main plaza a man actually stopped her and meowed at her. Yes, you heard me right, meowed. This just goes to show you that you can expect just about anything from Ecuadorian men.

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The ugly truth is that machismo runs rampant in South America, wherever you are and catcalls are part of this problem. Machismo is the belief that men should be big, strong, domineering, and sexist. This can lead to catcalls, domestic abuse, and even rape.

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Personally, I think there is a strong tie between machismo and the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church pushes the macho stereotype. Have you ever thought about how women can never be priests and only nuns?

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I have adjusted to the idea of machismo, however I will never accept it as a part of my life. Maybe it is because I am from another culture, maybe it is because I am a feminist, or maybe it was the way I was brought up. I encourage any woman traveler to ask Latina women about machismo and how they feel about it.

This is a major problem and I challenge any foreign woman traveler to address the issue and make suggestions to struggling women in Latin America. So the next time you are meowed at, whistled at, hissed at, or yelled at, keep Men from ecuador head up and ignore the comments. Be strong and brave. Have you traveled to Ecuador and dated Latin men? What were your impressions? us at [ protected] angea. View all posts by CaitlinK.

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Men from ecuador

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The Problem With Latin Men: Fighting Machismo in Ecuador