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It's common to have mood swings during pregnancy because of stress, fatigue, and hormonal changes that affect your levels of neurotransmitters chemical messengers in the brain.

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And, of course, there's also the broad range of feelings you may have about becoming a parent. Everyone responds to these changes differently. Some moms-to-be experience heightened emotions, both positive and negative. Others feel more depressed or anxious. Many pregnant women find that moodiness flares up around 6 to 10 weeks, eases in the second trimester, and then reappears as their due date approaches.

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Pregnancy can be a stressful and overwhelming time. One day you may be overjoyed at the thought of having a baby, and then just as quickly wonder what you've gotten yourself into. You may be worried about whether you'll be a good mom, whether the baby will be healthy, and how the cost of adding to your household will affect your family's finances. And you may worry about how having a baby will impact your relationship with your partner and your other children — like if you'll still be able to give them the attention they need.

Even if your pregnancy was planned, at times you may have mixed feelings about what's ahead.

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That's not surprising, considering the high expectations placed on parents. And the pressure starts even before the baby is born. You may be constantly wondering: Am I reading the right books? Am I buying the right products? Will I know how to stimulate my child's development properly and build his self-esteem? In the meantime, you may be feeling unattractive as your body changes, and you may be concerned about putting on too much weight or looking "fat," especially if you aren't able to exercise as much as you'd like.

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The physical symptoms of pregnancy, such as heartburnfatigueand frequent urinationcan also be a burden. It's not uncommon to feel like you've lost control over your body and your life during this time. All these concerns may take your emotions on a roller coaster ride. Try to remind yourself that emotional upheaval is normal right now. That said, making a conscious effort to nurture yourself can help you stay on an even keel during turbulent times. If your mood swings are becoming more frequent or more intense, or if they last longer than two weeks, talk to your practitioner and ask for a referral to a counselor.

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You may be among the 14 to 23 percent of women who battle mild to moderate depression during pregnancy. If you notice that your anxiety is interfering with your ability to function in your daily life, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. And if your mood swings become more frequent and intense, and you have difficulty sleeping, you might be having symptoms of bipolar disorder, a condition in which you alternate between periods of depression and mania. If you suspect that you have any of these conditions, it's crucial to get professional help and treatment while you're pregnant.

Research has shown that untreated emotional health problems can affect your baby's physical well-being and increase your risk of preterm labor and postpartum depression.

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Both psychotherapy and medication can be very effective for treating these conditions so that you and your baby can be well during pregnancy and afterward. Depression during and after pregnancy fact sheet. Office on Women's Health. Merck Manual. Physical changes during pregnancy.

UNC School of Medicine. Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Center for Women's Mood Disorders. Please if you are not redirected within a few seconds. now to personalize. Pregnancy Your Body. By Susan LaCroix. Medically reviewed by Juli Fraga, Psy. Photo credit: iStock. Why have I been so moody lately? Show sources OWH. Susan LaCroix. Featured video. This is the dark side of pregnancy no one talks about. Family finances overview for new parents.

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Looking for a pregnaent chick in Moody

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Mood swings & mommy brain: The emotional challenges of pregnancy