I want asian boyfriend

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Can I talk about this for a second. I literally want to rip my ears out when I hear a kpop fan say this. I don't know but it gets under my skin to a level I don't even know. It's on the "I want to move to korea" sentence. Like are you dumb asians people aren't a prize or just a look you want they're people. And yes you can be attracted to a race you like but don't ever say I want a asian boyfriend and limit yourself a wide variety of people who can treat you better.

Personally I think this is a huge problem that doesn't get addressed in the kpop fandom it's ridiculous. It's such fetishization of them it hurts. Just because you like kpop doesn't mean you should attached your self to asians. This on is funny to me. It was about and this winner fan was aruging to me about got7. And how winner is so much better etc, then whe got really mad at me and said "That's why I'm engaged to a chinese guy and I want asian boyfriend looks like a kpop idol" and I'm like "so what". She thinks her dating an I want asian boyfriend guy will make her better.

I come to find out she's a huge liar and she has no boyfriend it's funny really and kinda sad you have to lie to yourself about your fake asian boyfriend. So she thought she was better because she had a asian boyfriend which turned tp to be fake.

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As a kpop fan that's disappointing to me on all levels. You're not superior for dating a asian. Listen to the words coming out of my mouth "Dating an asian person or feeling loved by an asian person to make yourself superior to other kpop fans isn't healthy ". Like I see all the time "What will happen to me if I go to asia since I'm big chested and tall or black or white or something". Spolier alert : nothing will happen to you asians aren't going to be amazed at you.

And you shouldn't feel happy if they do touch you inappropriately like many youtuber claim happen to them. And no I'm not saying you can't be attracted to asian. But let's be real if I want asian boyfriend preferred type is a asian person.

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Lots of kpop fans prey on them like little animals it's weird. Like my mom she thinks just because I like kpop means I will love every asian guy. Since we live in a college town you see lots of Asian people around town and she always points them out. Like no I don't stare at them like they're a animal. I see them and keep on with my day.

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Saying you want a asian boyfriend just proves how ignorant you are to asian people and probably only like them because you like kpop. Here's the real truth here we all like what we like. But don't limit yourself. There could be a guy or a girl out there with commonalities that will make you happy regardless of race. We shouldn't fetishize people and don't accept a asian guy who will fetishize you.

Looking for one race extremely limits your dating pool and can even make you alone for the rest of your life. I feel you, I do.

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I want asian boyfriend

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Never say "I want a asian boyfriend/Girlfriend "