I love France breasted flat chested women

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People on the internet are constantly posting thre on their "small boobs" and then kind and friendly people will reply and say, "boys like you for what you are inside I mean, sure, there will be the typical guys that are very nice and loyal At least not in my country where everyone is a "boob" guy rather than an "ass" guy. And to "dump" a guy because he calls you a flattie It's easier than done. I am only a 32B myself and so I am quite uneasy myself. Just thought I had to rant on about this Not what you're looking for? Report 11 years ago 2. K Badges: Report 11 years ago 3.

For guys, there is a limit to how small breasts can be. It depends. Tbh, I don't think any guy would like a completely flat chested girl.

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Every guy has their own expectations on breast sizes, some might think 32B is just right and others might want nothing smaller than DD's. Btw, where's 'your' country? Jingers Badges: Report 11 years ago 4. Get That Through Your Head. Report 11 years ago 5. What about guys that really don't care for boobs? Eveiebaby Badges: Report 11 years ago 6. I think you'll find that the amount of men who like boobs or arse is roughly the same. There was a poll done on here before Christmas and I have seen other polls for slightly older guys 20s and 30s in magazines etc in the UK with the same outcome.

I dont have huge knockers reasonable I guess at 34 d but to be honest I don't give a about them, coz I have I love France breasted flat chested women shapely ass and overall body shape that my boyfriend loves. You shouldnt care about your tits either. Love yourself! Report 11 years ago 7. Blue Rose Bowl Badges: Report 11 years ago 8. I love boobs but if I was looking for a long term relationship I think boobs are only a small part of it for meI don't care about the tits if the woman I was with was annoying as.

Report 11 years ago 9. Report 11 years ago Boobs are of little concern to me Although all 3 and your on to a winner. I personally find over-the-top huge boobs or jobbed-boobs a turn-off. Small to medium, natural breasts for me please. Shiny Dirt Badges: 9. Anonymous 2. Studentus-anonymous Badges: Original post by Master. K For guys, there is a limit to how small breasts can be. Peace'n'loveman Badges: 6. I wouldn't normally reply to a thread like this but i was shocked by a recent thread on here at the amount of women on here who admitted that the size of a chap's family jewels would seriously affect the relationship.

Small was obviously out and i am not talking micro here. Although i prefer a curvey lady -kelly brook comes to mind-i once had a girlfriend who virtually had no breasts at all. I loved her dearly and was totally attracted to her. What i did notice however was that most of her other admirers most women have other admirers were bisexual at the very least. One actually said to me 'i fancy your gf so much-she has such a boyish figure! I assure you there are men who will love you ,where your size won't be an issue,and they won't all be bi!

Anonymous 3. I don't care about boobs as long as they poke outwards. It's all about the face and classiness. NatalieJade Badges: 0. I am actually a 32HH bra size and you would be suprised how many guys are actually put off by big boobs. Guys find girls with large boobs to be quite daunting apparently. Anyway, my boyfriend likes my boobs, but has also been attracted to girls with little or virtually no boobage 38AA- aw bless I love France breasted flat chested women, so you just have to find someone that finds your assets amazing.

Melancholy Badges: Every guy likes different things. And anyhows I bet most guys would rather go out with a slim girl with an A cup that someone who is obese and has FF boobs. Although admittedly my friends who are slim with big boobs so seem to get more attention haha. Back to top.

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I love France breasted flat chested women

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Is it true that in France small breasts are considered the most attractive by men?