I am emotionally unavailable

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Krystal Baugher.

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I am not alone in this desire for self-breakup. Many of my friends and past partners also suffer from emotional unavailability, but there are ways you can help a partner with emotional unavailability, too. We all want that, but many of us are actually afraid to truly go there. I am afraid of looking a fool. This is my biggest fear. From grade school to high school I had multiple teachers say that girls were too dumb to do math.

I was inundated with messages that as a blonde, as a woman, as someone from the working class, that I was not capable. So, when it comes to relationships—something I can control, something I choose to get into—I am afraid if I admit to I am emotionally unavailable someone, if I open up to that person and things turn out poorly, it will prove I am dumb, that I am not smart enough to make decisions about the people I have in my life.

All of us emotionally crippled people have shit like this hanging us up. Each of us have our own fear holding us back. It might be looking feeling dumb, it might I am emotionally unavailable fear of rejection or getting hurt again. Whatever it is, fuck it. Pen to paper helps get it all out. Start with your best friend or your mom. Write down the things you like about them. It can be something deep like their loyalty or something small like the way they always offer you the last cookie. Share it with them. Feel free to run away and hide in your room while they read it, but share it anyway.

Eventually, it gets easier. This goes back to the fear of looking a fool. I lived through it.

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Now, I must let it go and let go that part of myself. Do it. Knowing you have a long, fabulous list of amazing qualities helps whenever you do something shitty—because we all do shitty things sometimes—on accident. The idea is once you fully embrace yourself, all of those fears, insecurities etc. This is the kind of B. I know, because I I am emotionally unavailable one of them. Most of us never learn how to properly communicate. We learn from our families and most families are dysfunctional. What we need to do is take a class on it or read a book about it, then practice it. Truly listening to what others are saying, being mindful, thoughtful, calm—these are talents that are developed.

Personally, I think the polyamory community is pretty strong in this arena and we could all learn a thing or two regardless of our relationship structure from how they interact with one another—think the book Ethical Slut or the technique of heart-centered communication.

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Do it every day. Share a hope, a fear, a dream with someone.

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Utilize social media if you have to. Call a friend. Whisper it to your ificant other. They are a means of distraction, numbness, false support. Are they for good or for evil—and is that evil a necessary one?

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A recent study showed that the people who are in the strongest relationships, the ones that last forever, are the type of people who practice kindness and generosity. Kindness, compassion, trust, these are like muscles of the emotional kind—you have to work them out to make them strong.

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This is I am emotionally unavailable about turning toward your partner instead of turning away. Engaging in developing interest in who they are—I mean, why else would you be with them anyway? Are you emotionally unavailable? I hope this article helps you understand why, and what it means. Most importantly, I hope you find value in these 11 tips and make progress with yourself and with your partner. Krystal Baugher lives in Denver, Colorado.

She is the founder of Go Eat a Carrota website dedicated to exploring the worlds of pleasure and politics. Find her on Instagram to stay up to date with all of her shenanigans.

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Fear not! Learn about the causes and s that make us emotionally unavailable, or find relationship tips for your and your partner.

I am emotionally unavailable

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What It Really Means to Be Emotionally Unavailable