How to make a christmas ribbon

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Holiday decorating is more than putting some nicely wrapped gifts under the tree.

Elevate your Christmas decor by honing in on the details like adding a festive floral arrangement or handmade Christmas bows in unexpected patterns and colors. Make Christmas bows in bulk at the start of the season to tie on Christmas wreathsgarlands,and presents under your color coordinated tree.

All you need is some wired ribbon and scissors to bring your home closer to a custom Christmas. Pick a wired ribbon in either a traditional red velvet or a fun pattern.

We chose a black and white stripe to keep decorations up past the holiday season. The wider your ribbon the larger and plusher your final bow. Narrower ribbons are great for smaller gifts or table accents. Cut a length of ribbon roughly twice the length of your desired bow size.

You can always cut a longer strip and trim back excess after you've tied your Christmas bow. Fold the ribbon in half, twisting to secure a small strip at the top of your fold. This should give you a small loop at the end of your ribbon as a center, spreading the loose ribbon ends to either side.

On the right side make a slightly larger loop and twist to secure, making the first side of the "bow" shape. Repeat on the left. Make sure both sides are even and have enough excess ribbon on either side for additional loops, adjusting where necessary. Built off this base by creating two larger loops on either side as a frame to your original bow.

Twist off to secure. Make sure both sides are even and make any adjustments before treating extra ribbon ends. If you have excess ribbon, trim to maintain the bow shape or creating trailing ribbon by cutting the end of the ribbon at an angle. All the twisting and folding will have flattened or warped your bow.

How to make a christmas ribbon the wire to fluff the loops or flatten bows that seem overly plush. To attach the Christmas bow to wreaths or garlands, thread floral wire through the back of the center loop and wrap around branches or pine boughs. Bend the wire bow to hold place cards on a table setting or tape to wrapping paper to give gifts drama.

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How to make a christmas ribbon

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How to Make a Christmas Bow