How to be mature after a break up

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Here are 5 things you can do to behave and act in a mature way after a break up, so your ex woman feels respect, attraction and even love for you:. Not only is accepting a break up a of maturity, but it also ensures that the lines of communication between you and her remain open, so you can then re-attract her and get her back if you want to. At least we can mature enough to remain friends though, right? We are simply being mature enough to say hi and have a chat if we want to, while we move on without each other. We can be friends.

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If you do that, she will most likely only experience friendly, neutral feelings for you and will feel drawn to other men who actually make her feel sparks of sexual and romantic attraction. Yet, if you do want her back, then make sure that you flirt with her to make her feel sexually attracted to you. Women understand how to flirt, they love it and when you use it, they automatically feel attracted to you.

Remember: Sexual attraction is what brings men and women together into a romantic relationship, or at least just to have sex. Use the friendship to make her feel sparks of sexual attraction for you and she will naturally begin to have romantic feelings for you again, or at the very least, become curious about what it would be like to hook up with you again sexually. One thing that can make a guy seem immature is when he goes around saying bad things about his ex to mutual friends, colleagues, or family after a break up. In some cases, a guy will do that in the hope that everyone sees him as the good guy or victim and her as the villain.

As a result, he will bad mouth his ex to let off some steam and hopefully make himself feel better. Bad mouthing her to other people just adds the risk of them telling her about it at some point, or looking at him as being immature, unreasonable and incapable of handling a break up. No wonder she broke up with him. I wonder if this is how he talks about me behind my back when we have a disagreement. Did he go and bad mouth about me to her? Is that the kind of guy he is? If someone does tell her about what he said, or even hints at what he might have said, his ex can then use that How to be mature after a break up him if he tries to get her back.

You tried to turn all of our friends against me and now you want me back. No thanks.

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They will see that he is mature enough to maintain control of his emotions and treat her like someone he loves. This shows loyalty and unconditional love, which is a trait of real maturity and a of emotional strength. When she respects him, she will naturally become open to feeling some attraction for him if they happen to interact on the phone or in person. That is the mature, classy thing to do and if your ex finds out about it, she will respect you for it.

Surely, we are more mature than that, right? When you make a woman feel sexually and romantically attracted to you, she is open and wants to interact with you. Another important reason to remain friends on social media, is so that she can see that you are confident, happy and enjoying life without her. Women know that it takes a lot of emotional strength for a man to immediately get back on his own two feet and start enjoying life without her, after a break up.

More importantly, women are attracted to the emotional strength of men e. She might not admit it to you, but she will be looking to see how you handle yourself after the break up i. If he is i. In many cases, it le to a woman contacting her ex and trying to get him back, so she can feel better about herself. In some cases though, a woman will pretend to be angry and insulted that he has been enjoying himself since the break up. She will see if she can regain control over him and get him to admit that he still wants her back and has been missing her, so she can then stop feeling like the reject.

Remember: Women are attracted to confidence, self-assuredness and self-reliance, not insecurity and neediness. Imagine if she start posting up photos of herself looking happy, confident and enjoying life with other people. This means that you are confident regardless of How to be mature after a break up people say or do around you, what happens in your life and whether or not a certain woman is in your life. On the flip side, Dependent Confidence is where you can only feel truly confident when people are nice to you, when things are going well in your life and when a certain woman is in your life.

Independent Confidence is irresistibly attractive to women all over the world and is one of the hardest traits for them to find in a man. When you have it, you literally become ificantly more attractive to women than you ever have been before.

Saying that is a great way to keep the door open, so she feels welcome to contact you when she misses you. When she agrees to that, it also allows you the freedom to contact her and say hi as a friend as well. Additionally, most women lack the courage to face a potential rejection from their ex guy if they reach out and show interest. So, they take on their traditional feminine role of waiting for a man to approach, interact and make something happen. If you take on the same role as her and just wait and wait for her to hopefully contact you one day, then you might end up feeling very disappointed if you find out that she has moved on with another guy in the meantime.

It will be good to catch up. I will have some free time on Tuesday and Thursday. Which of those day suits you best? Mature people can meet up with an ex, rather than suddenly feeling like they can never say hello to each other as friends. Which day suits you best, Tuesday or Thursday? Then, when you meet up, you can let her experience the new and improved you i. The mature way to handle a break up is to admit to yourself that you made some mistakes, while How to be mature after a break up acknowledging all the things you did well.

Break ups are very common these days and most people are used to hearing about friends or family members experiencing a break up, separation or divorce. In recent centuries, it was seen as embarrassing and in some cases, even shameful to break up a relationship which was almost always a marriage. Back then, a man and a woman were expected to stay together for life even if they were miserable together. In fact, if a man or a woman wants to end a relationship, most people around them including most family and friends will be encouraging and supportive of the decision.

Additionally, if you want to get her back, you also need to understand How to be mature after a break up getting an ex back is also completely normal and common these days. Men all over the world get women back after bad break ups, stressful break ups and complicated break ups. Yet, if a guy was clearly devastated by the break up, begged and pleaded for another chance and tried hard to convince her to change her mind, she will be suspicious of a letter or where he is now wishing her all the best.

She will wonder if he really feels that way, or is just trying to act mature in the hope that it makes her feel respect for him. So, rather than writing your ex a letter or sending her a longjust get to a phone call and in person interaction.

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Let her see that you are a new and improved man and allow her to experience a new, more exciting type of attraction for you. That is what works to get a woman back right away, whereas writing to her to express your feelings, thank her and wish her the best, will usually just result in her feeling suspicious of you and closing herself off even more. There are so many ways that you can make a woman feel sparks of sexual attraction for you as you interact with her. Maturity is everything.

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Instead, focus on being Mr. I want to hug him. I want to have sex with him. Those feelings are what draw a woman back to a man, regardless of what problems they were experiencing in the past. In fact, attraction is such a powerful force that both men and women will often totally ignore relationship problems, just to be able to get to the point of kissing, having sex and feeling the love that comes with it.

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How to be mature after a break up

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