How observant are you

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Our goal at Zoo. We want you to look inward and explore new and interesting things about yourself. We want you to How observant are you outward and marvel at the world around you. We want to dream with you about all your future holds. Our hope is our quizzes and articles inspire you to do just that. Playing quizzes is free! We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. By clicking " Up" you are agreeing to our privacy policy and confirming that you are 13 years old or over. How Observant are You?

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I try to stay present and mindful as much as possible. I live, eat, and breathe mindfulness. This is a confusing question. You don't remember.

A period. A question mark? Too often. Often enough. There wasn't a grammar mistake. Yes, there was a misplaced apostrophe. Something seemed off, but you couldn't tell what. The punctuation mark was wrong. The ticking of the clock. Someone coughing, sneezing, or being annoying. Nothing, you zone in on the test. An itch that demands scratching. You're not sure. The left side. The right side. It varies. Who cares? George Washington's. I don't know. The face of a US President. Abraham Lincoln's.

I'm not sure of the name, but it has between 6 and 10 sides. Red and white. Red, black, and white. Canada has a flag? I'm not sure. Men's button shirts. Women's button blouses. Men's jeans. Women's jeans. Who or what is Waldo? You can always pick him out. You occasionally get lucky. You can usually spot him. Not usually. My default is to give people the benefit of the doubt. Yes, no one lies to me and gets away with it. It depends on how well I know the person who may or How observant are you not be lying.

No, I can never How observant are you. Between 3 and 6 seconds. It varies by location and speed zone. It seems inconsistent. About 36, give or take a few. Adult teeth. The mouth. Wisdom teeth. The adult body. The first one to point out why the joke doesn't technically make sense.

It depends on the person and the joke. The first person to laugh, even when it doesn't make sense. The last person to get it. Easily amused or pleased. The journey. The details. The big picture. The end goal. The small creatures and insects traveling around you. The noises. The sky. Your discomfort.

You're always aware of the time. Yes, but only on occasion. Sure, it happens.

Time is always getting away from you. You can usually make out a word or two. Probably, but you've never tried. Alexander Hamilton. One of US Secretaries of Treasury. John Marshall. George Washington. The 'z. The 'o. The second 'a. Amazon's logo doesn't include an arrow. I've never noticed an arrow.

How observant are you

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