How much does it cost to hook up a transfer switch

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Okay, we can all agree that power outages stink, but there's no reason to sit in the dark and feel helpless. You can run your home's most critical electrical circuits with the aid of a portable generator and an electrical device called a transfer switch.

PopMech has been talking about generators a lot this year, but a transfer switch is a good alternative to a standby generatorone that will allow you to power up only the most important items. A transfer switch is a compact breaker box that is installed inside the home, right beside the main electrical panel.

The switch is wired into the main panel and connected to the most critical circuits, such as the furnace, water heater, refrigerator, range, well pump, and interior lights. A power inlet box, which is essentially an electrical outlet, is mounted to the exterior of the house.

An electrical cable runs from the inlet box directly into the transfer switch. Sometimes the cable runs to a junction box installed near the transfer switch and then a power cord with a plug is wired into the box. When the electricity goes out, you set up a portable generator outside and plug it into the power inlet box. If the inlet-box cable runs to a junction box with power cord, plug the power cord into the transfer switch. Be sure all the toggle switches on the transfer switch are in the off position. Then go outside and start the generator.

Caution: Gas-powered generators exhaust deadly carbon monoxide fumes. Never run a generator indoors, near an open window or door, or in an enclosed area, such as a garage or carport. Now that the generator is running, you can pick and choose which appliances and electrical circuits to electrify by simply flipping up the switches on the transfer switch. Note that in most cases, the transfer switch will be connected to more circuits than the generator can accommodate all at once, so keep track of which circuits are on and be careful not to overload the system.

Read the owner's manual that comes with the transfer switch. You'll find detailed instructions on the proper operating procedure.

Transfer switches come in various sizes to match common-size generators. The total cost of installing a transfer switch is ificant, but it'll be well worth the investment the next time the power goes out and you're not left sitting in the dark. Type keyword s to search.

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How much does it cost to hook up a transfer switch

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