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Pettifleur accuses Gina of making fun of her accent and the color of her skin. Meanwhile, Jackie is getting really angry listening to Gina. Like, really angry. Here are some faces she makes: Mad. Finally, Jackie explodes. Jackie also reveals that Gina had a plan to throw the newbies, Gamble and Pettifleur, under the bus this season.

Janet, no doubt remembering the godforsaken demon storyline that dominated Season 1is horrified.

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I guess I was expecting them to have to crawl through some hidden underground cave and produce a secret password, but turns out the tea master is just a super stylish lady named Renee Sebastian who lives in a gorgeous mansion. U want some tea?!?! Renee helps Janet and Chyka blend some chai for the charitable tea line Janet is starting with her son. Meanwhile, Lydia and Gamble casually slip into red carpet gowns for an afternoon cocktail date. Lydia wants to warn Gamble about Gina—to tell her Gina might not be as good of a friend as Gamble thinks. Lydia is going to meet her parents, who live in the Philippines!

Oh shoot—wait—this is actually really emotional. I hate it when reality shows make me feel feelings. But back to the reason this show exists: so we can watch Housewives behaving ridiculously. Down at the bar, Pettifleur and Gamble descend into an insane argument I can barely keep track of. That she, Gamble, comes from old money? Uh, can this dumb fight end? That makes Pettifleur angrier. Pettifleur asks Gamble how she affords to buy all her fancy dresses—is Housewives wants real sex Philippi an allowance?

Gamble, offended, fires the question back at Pettifleur. What did I even just watch? And how many brain cells died in the process? Eventually the other Housewives arrive in the bar, and Pettifleur confesses that she asked Gamble if she had an allowance. Eventually Gamble returns to the bar. And guess what? Everyone laughs and clinks their glasses, as if nothing bad ever happened. The next day, the women Housewives wants real sex Philippi to a fancy spa called The Farm.

Over at the foot massage station, things get deep between Lydia and Gamble. Then she reveals that her grandmother and father both died, leaving her all the money Pettifleur had been asking about. Lydia feels like she and Gamble have a sisterly bond.

Uh oh! Nobody even knew she was working on a shoe line. Is this like that time she randomly launched a soap line at her cancer party?

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Remember the calm before the storm? The storm officially begins when Pettifleur pulls out the manuscript of her questionably-original book, Switch the Bitch. I love you Gina, but r u for real?! What a fun convo! After all, she never got to explain its meaning to Gamble.

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Housewives wants real sex Philippi

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