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in. Special Buy of the Day. Great store! Amazing knowledgeable professional people work there! Today took the cake. Then others showed up to pick up paint and their supplies, but after that first interaction nothing. He would take forever to do the other orders. Why didn't he take care of my order and I could have left and then he could continue to do the others orders while I shopped. He was determined not to take my order and make me stand there while he found other work to do, filling past orders.

After another 15 mins, I was getting tired of waiting there and being ignored. I asked if there was anyone else there and then after not getting anything helpful from the man behind the counter I asked him to call a manager to where we were. He refused! I waited until another clerk came by pushing a big flatbed with items on it and asked him to call a manager to come to the paint counter right now, and he did.

The manager came over and I explained the need for him and he quickly apologized and took my order and started to work on it. The clerk behind the counter spent more time washing his finger with a spray bottle and paper towels then he did speaking to me. He washed his finger at least 5 times, and even spent 3 mins spraying the top of a paint bucket before screwing the cap on and putting it in the paint shaker. Perhaps he knows his paint, but he's terrible at handling the customers needs.

All he needed to do was take my order so that I could go shop for the Home depot Kaneohe out girl of my items. Instead I stood there for close to 30 mins watching him mix paint, wash his finger about 5 to 6 times, really?

Wash the paint buckets? And then turn your back to me and ignore me? I think the man needs a class to instill in him the need for customers, and Home depot Kaneohe out girl service. The worse purchasing episode EVER! The cashier didn't seem to understand that I had a will call pick up, on cart, plus picking up another 15 of the same blocks. I explained it to her 4 times, gave her the paperwork from customer service. Then she didn't understand how to find the skew s to check out the 15 I had picked up to Home depot Kaneohe out girl.

I finally went asked to see a manager. The girl pointed into the store, like she wanted me to leave. I told her to call a manager here now. He showed up and looked at my paperwork, heard my explanation-Will call 10 and buying 15 more, then he said " The girl can't read the paperwork? A ature wouldn't be a problem to making a purchase and see that I was picking up another 15 blocks. The manager checked me out, sympathetically patted the girl on the shoulder and left. And the blocks were stored on the upper shelf and weigh roughly 30 lbs each.

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No help moving from shelf to cart, no Home depot Kaneohe out girl moving from cart to truck. Keith is the man. He made my day. The associates are all really nice and helpful and everyone is so attentive. Keith helped me find the item I was looking for. Home Depot is definitely the store to shop for my home needs. Some associates could be more knowledgeable of the items where it is located before answering the customers. There is no need to repeat the wrong direction to get the items.

Workers don't greet or help, then you stand in line to check out yourself after waiting in line for a long time. One real cashier, about 3 self serve lines - really? On a busy Saturday. Terrible direction this store is going to. Need to shape up and have a manager do his job and see how non efficient this store runs The store are well organized and you can easily find what your looking for. And the associates are helpful and the store was clean.

Satisfied in the service,keep it up! Highly recommend this store! The manager, Levi T. I was a bit confused about what to buy upon entering the store, but after speaking with Levi, I left feeling at peace and great about my purchases.

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Great customer service! Right on, Home Depot! Must applaud Home Depot for their employee service. As a woman who is not familiar with the different Tool brands, their salesperson was truly helpful and honest as to which tools would work best! Easy to shop with this kind of help! Absolutely love this store. Such a wide selection of products. Most of the employees know their stuff or is willing to find out for you. Pricing is pretty good as well.

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The store is kept pretty clean. Busy store. She is professional, knowledgable and patient, defusing the stress and anxieties related to my special order. Lien from customer service gave such great service. She helps me with my problem today. Really friendly patient explain to me in detail. I am grateful for her assistance and service today. Thank you Lien. You make shopping in home depot to another level.

I was greeted at the entrance with a hand sanitizer and welcomed. The store is clean and well organized. After looking at all the brands of washers, a friendly associate asked if I needed help. I felt very comfortable and not rushed. The final transaction was well executedspeedy and accurate.

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This store was clean, sales associates were friendly and easy to find an associate to help us get our product we went in for. Employees are always helpful and knowledge. Received assistance in the gardening and lumber section. Great organization and easy to find many items I need for various projects often. The Store is usually in a good but busy state.

Usually get greeted for assistance at some point during my visits. Shout out to Brenda for her excellent customer service. Worker are more interested in their salary rather than attending to customer needs and they have lack of human attentiveness. He was not-at-all pushy. He was working on Easter Sunday! What dedication!

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Montgomery was the reason I placed my order. Mahalo Steve. We are starting a project and visited the store 3 times and each time, we were treated with kindness and everyone had the "can do" spirit and willing to go above and beyond.

During these times of uncertainty and stress, customer satisfaction comes first, Thank you! Very informative patient and helpful. Got me a great appliance model and discount. I will hope other appliances with her again. Super clean and orderly store even with all the customers that process through that store. Sincerely, Richard Fernandez. I can always find what I need, and I have had no problems with any of the special order items I've purchased.

Staff always friendly and helpful. Area Rugs.

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Ceiling Fans. CO Detectors. Lawn Mowers. LED String Light. Patio Furniture. Pest Control. Wine Coolers. The Home Depot Logo. Delivering to. My. Welcome Back! In Manage your. Cart 0 items. Associate Availability. Shop this store. Local Ad. The Home Depot. Main: Pro Desk: Mon-Sat: am - pm Sun: am - pm. Pro Local Ad. Curbside Pickup Order online and we'll bring your items out to your car Learn More. Store Features. Home Services. Garden Center. Trending In Your Store. Handheld Vacuums. Two Piece Toilets.

Ceramic Tile.

Home depot Kaneohe out girl

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