Hes a keeper

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After a little bit, the sun started streaming in the window…I woke up to his hand shielding my eyes from the sun. Always thought that was a sweet gesture. One morning I was leaving and he came running outside to give me a hot cup for my drive. That, and 20 second hugs every morning. I wanted to bury her in the backyard but with all the rain it was just impossible for me to do. Someone who is willing to tell the truth even if it means a bad outcome for them is a special kind of person. When you can feel how much he cares and hurts to see you hurt.

Just because. Every once in a while he still does things like drop by my work with flowers, vacuum the carpets, draw me a warm bath, just because. Glad I kept him. But my SO never got upset or impatient with them.

I knew after witnessing that, that he was a total keeper. I respect nothing more than honesty. I was with him when he went through his second one and we were both just teenagers who had only been together a year and a half or so.

For example, the guy I am seeing now listens to what I say and remembers it. It is also in the way he shows he respects you. I was in so much pain it was unreal. He took me to the ER and waited with me for hours. But for the hours I Hes a keeper back there he constantly asked the nurses how I was doing and if there was anything I needed.

I dunno, no one has ever done that for me. I grew up in a loud, hectic and often violent home. He never takes it personally like I see a lot of people do. It shocked the both of them into silence. When you feel like you can tell him anything and everything, without worrying if he would judge you or think any less of you.

Also, Hes a keeper is a must. Other than Hes a keeper him having a clear view of what he wants in the future. I am very thankful for my man he has been their with me standing by me taking it step by step after my injury.

That is when I realized how thankful I was to have him in my life! Life is short I take a moment several times a day regardless of how frustrated i get to say I Love you to him. But you sometimes gotta put your guard down and trust. You never know what you might have missed out on.

Hes a keeper the way I am probably not the best person for advice since I have been homeless a few times in my life. He always puts me first. He loves spoiling me-I thought getting back rubs and foot massages and breakfast in bed and little chocolates sometimes when he comes home from work were just honeymooning things.

Four years in and he still does all of it. I get little messages throughout the day reminding me of how pretty and talented I am. He works so hard at his job and is always trying to improve himself, sets goals and gives his all in achieving them. Took care of his sick father for years while in high Hes a keeper despite making perfect grades and playing football.

When we were first dating I told him due to some past experiences I would need to take it very slowly before I would be comfortable with him sleeping over or having sex. Unfortunately I had to break some less than exciting news for a guy that I had been talking to online and started dating when I realized I was getting very attached.

On my 2nd date with him, we went hiking, had lunch, and went Hes a keeper to my place to play mortal combat.

When we got to a dip in conversation, I asked him what was the worst thing that ever happened to him, and the best. He gave me very powerful Hes a keeper. And then I gave him mine. I tried to kill myself while in the most excruciating emotional and physical pain. But my roommate saved me. She took me to the hospital and proceeded to take care of Hes a keeper in the following weeks. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. He asked what the chances were of him getting it, and if I was okay. We continued to see each other, he made note that red meat could cause outbreaks so he started cooking chicken and fish when I would come over.

He knew that I loved coffee, but caffeine also increases the chance of outbreaks, so he got decaf to keep at his place. Now here we are, almost 2 years later. We have a house and a dog and a beautiful life together. I had a really bad nightmare and burst into tears in my sleep. He gently woke me up and I could not stop crying. I must have looked a mess and he must have thought that I was crazy but he held me and soothed me. I feel so safe when I wake up next to him.

Actions matching words.

Things you like, or have been talking about, or wanting to do, etc. He speaks up when he feels that something is wrong, instead of waiting for a big blow-up. He might not be turned on by it, but he accepts it as a fact of life.

His goals, hopes, and dreams for the future align with yours. And he supports your aspirations and goals. He takes care of what he needs to take care of. He Hes a keeper and accepts you for who you are, just as you are, right here and now. He knows that one day you and he will get older, Hes a keeper, pudgier, and maybe balder.

He trusts you. He involves you in decisions that might affect you, or at least tells you about what he wants to do before he does it in these matters. These words are for us all. Beyond Worthyby Jacqueline Whitney. You may unsubscribe at any time. Pablo Heimplatz Found on AskReddit.

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Hes a keeper

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