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Have no fear, the 1 Tinder nerd is here. By the way, did you know I created The Profile Checklist. You just fill in the blanks, and you discover where your profile is lacking the necessary attraction switches. Knowing your flaws will get you on the path to multiplying your matches. Download it here for free. Option 1 is more manly. If you can pull this one off, then go for it. No problem. Go for the smiley looking into the lens photo. On to the second tip, which is to only get your face and torso in the picture. Bernard is already skipping legday. Now he just needs to crop the bottom half of the picture.

Besides, you can shoot great shots with the latest iPhone, OnePlus, or whatever other fancy phone. These two dudes are approximately equally attractive. The guy in the right however, will score 10x more matches because of his picture quality.

If you have a dog, Guys profiles on tinder make a picture together. Chicks will love almost every dog.

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Fun fact : Research shows that most men hate it when a woman uses a picture with a dog. There, your first picture will be an absolute legend. Is it any good? It only took 5 swipes to make these screenshots.

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And then smash Guys profiles on tinder a couple more times to make sure none of that garbage remains on your profile. My last three Tinder bios all outperformed most profile texts I tested throughout the years. Some long bios work very well. If a girl has to read a long profile text, she loses her flow. Painful truth: Due to the abundance of males on dating apps, and the fast amount of men that are liking all girls… women tend to easily swipe you left for even the most irrelevant reason.

I hereby forbid you to ever talk about yourself in a serious manner again in your bio. Let the pictures do the talking. A couple a week? Unless she has Tinder Plus or Golda woman is limited to give only one Superlike every 24 hours. Superlikes are as rare as sober dudes having a good time at the club. You can even forget about Superlikes for a moment.

Put your dick back in your pants for a second and grab your most geeky glasses. And even the average pasta fan will probably be curious to try out that top product within its niche. All other chicks can swipe you left, unmatch you, block you, hate you, yada yada.

The ladies that ARE liking you will be right up your alley, rather than just barely liking you enough. Every once in a blue moon somebody does Tinder as good as I do Tinder. And once in 69 blue moons, that someone is a woman. This bio was written by yours truly during one of my travels to Germany to visit my friend, Julius. I felt like seeing chicks that enjoy teasing and being teasedchallenging one anotherand know of themselves that they are good enough for me.

Either way, this Guys profiles on tinder like a charm for my profile. The ladies I was matching, were exactly the type I was craving.

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They were the ones I could effortlessly vibe and date with. Just like how I want you to shamelessly apply my whole texting system when you follow my courses. A Belgian friend messaging me on Facebook to say Belgian girls too were using my bio. Before you blindly copy this bio you have to realize this was tailored to my profile back then with its specific pictures. My German homie Julius implemented my Tinder tips perfectly.

First and foremost, the picture. A focused semi-angry stare away from the camera? How to get a picture like that?

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You pose in full glory without a shred of doubt and shoot a couple pics until you have a good one. Making it really sound like grandma herself said it. For some men changing this means an end of the streak of not getting any matches. Not too long Guys profiles on tinder I heard another dating coach say that you should use all the space Tinder is giving you.

You can 9 pictures so you 9. His reasoning was that you should give as much info as possible. Your favorite player usually goes with 4 Tinder photos. Nice and balanced. Below you can see my thought process nicely explained by a cutie who makes your monthly salary in two photo shoots:. You never want to try too hard.

That simply turns you into a silly little man that invests too much. A tryhard is someone that tries too hard to be liked. It makes them nauseous. My current profile shows 4 pictures that tell just enough about myself, but not too much. Below I have a profile text of just one sentence that makes her heart beat faster. And underneath that spicy biothey see this:.

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Fuck Facebook. Fuck Snapchat. The big difference is that someone ing 9 pictures to his profile directly, carefully selected those pictures and ed them one by one. Have no Instagram ? You can manage without. Just select the right 4 pictures, combine them with a killer bio and all will be well. They change nothing about your profile yet they make your profile more attractive. Tinder claims to have worked on their top-notch algorithm for two months. It monitors your profile and behavior and decides how desirable you are.

Imagine you have a first picture with a cute puppy. People who dislike your little friend AKA monsters will be quicker to swipe you left. The total amount of likes and dislikes gives your profile a score. Tinder will show you more profiles within your league. Or someone with absolutely no standards. Selective swiping boosts your ELO score. Tinder wants women especially the really popular ones to like Guys profiles on tinder app. So Tinder wants to bring them in contact with guys that actively use the app.

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So the guys with good profiles that are also frequently using the app, get shown to the popular women. Do you know what's strangly irresistible, even in texting? The psychological principle of clickbait! And you can wield this power with my Clickbait opener to get quick replies. Please help me with writing the profile in my tinder …. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We take your privacy seriously. You can read our privacy policy by clicking the link above. All rights reserved. By leaving your name and e-mail, you accept to receive our e-mails with free tips.

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Or as many as possible? How do I get an honest idea of what photo to use on my profile? Guys profiles on tinder I use a picture with girls? Should I use a picture with my friends? F cking. A machine that, when Guys profiles on tinder configured, scores approximately 69 matches per second. Now you may have 17 awesome hobbies.

Or a story that makes every woman emotional.

Guys profiles on tinder

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7 Tinder Profile Tips for Men to Triple Your Matches