Girls in haiti

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To date, WGI has 50 participants who received scholarship support since for primary and secondary school. The rest of the group is successfully enrolled in school and receiving the complimentary package of aid weekly workshop, retreat, access to trusted advisers. The businesses are still running, and some of the families have repaid portion of the loans, which were then redistributed. We hope to create a community of small entrepreneurs.

The strategy to expand our education program starts with building partnership between public and private institutions in order to recruit vulnerable girls. We aim to add 50 participants per year. For summera 10 days weeks Girls Leadership Summer Academy for a period of 4 years will be added for high school girls to better prepare for college acceptance.

The retreat fused leadership training Girls in haiti psychosocial healing in relations to natural disasters, specifically surrounding the earthquake and the more recent hurricane Matthew.

Sessions and activities ranged from interactive presentations to active listening, visual arts and crafts activities. Group activities deliberately mixed girls from the different regions represented, which offered opportunities to learn from each other and break down stereotypes about rural versus urban realities.

The girls laughed and cried together, expressed themselves without judgment, shared life changing insights and, most importantly, were true to themselves. They left the retreat feeling liberated but also equipped with knowledge and tools they could apply to difficult situations affecting their lives.

Cart 0. I'm so grateful I was chosen to the program".

Haiti Summer Leadership Academy July 62 girls from Port-au-Prince and the South of Haiti, a rural region typically unreached by community outreach efforts, participated.

Girls in haiti

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Violence against women and girls in Haiti