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There are, of course, risks to thrusting your dating life into the Internet's great unknown — besides the obvious, like going home with a convictyou'll more than likely spend a lot of time being bored. Which is at least one reason to check out former Rescue Chef Danny Boome 's "Speed Plating," which launched in New York last August, his first foray into the dating world personal life excluded. Speed dating might not be everyone's thing, but great food is as good an addition as any if you want to do it well.

We sat down with Boome to ask him how effective it really is. I like to go on dates, but if it doesn't work out you always feel guilty. So for a guy who doesn't want to feel trapped, it's perfect — and that's the reason I deed it. In New York, you have too many of Food speed dating, and there are more women than men Food speed dating this city, so at any event you are always going to get more women.

If you're a guy, think of the math. DB: Yeah. The actual success rate has been two couples per event. You basically have a one-in-four chance of meeting someone, or a one-in-three chance of making new friends.

You may meet someone through one of those people; you just have to open yourself up to it. ESQ: So one of the nice things is, you get four dates, instead of one, right? DB: Yeah, and you don't have to pay for any of them.

When a girl comes up to you in a nightclub, and you say, "Do you want a drink? When he leaves to go check in the back, you know he is never coming back.

It's the same with the girl. She tells you she has to "go check on her friends. That's really the problem with going out to bars and clubs. DB: It's not just about dating.

It's about restaurants. For the restaurants, their quietest night of the week can turn into their busiest night of the week. And Tree is a small place, an American bistro; the food is what I like to call shab-chic. There is nothing pretentious about it — it's all great ingredients. And Colm and Mark, who own the place, are really good hosts. They know how to keep a smile on everyone's face.

We out-price the sharks, but we encourage the serious people. For tickets and more information on future speed plating events, check out speedplating. For more on cooking classes, check out dannyboome. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

Esquire Select. Love In The Time of Magic. Rare Photos Inside L. DB: It's been incredible. The ratio has been three couples per event. ESQ: And they went home together? This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses.

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Food speed dating

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