Dominant chick looking fo a little play

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Being dominant during sex can be super hot when it's done respectfully and consensually. If you feel extremely uncomfortable commanding your partner sexually or using dirty talk, then maybe it's time to explore a sexual kink that appeals to you both. Here, Cory Ba sex educator and kink coach, and Katarina "theDommeKat" Piercea fetish wrestler and pro domme, explain how to become more dominant in the bedroom.

Buckle up, boys, and learn from the pros. First, we need to address how to be dominant consensually.

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Before you get naked together, talk to your partner about which things are on the table and which things are not. That way, when you're all horned up, you can just get right to it. Even if you've already discussed what you want to do, you still have to get affirmative consent from your partner when you're actually getting down—and there are ways to do it dominantly.

Start with these:. That's also a way to exert your dominance. Hair pulling, if done right, can be sexy, controlling, and not painful at all, explains Katarina. From there, make a first.

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I am so caught up in you. I need piles of you. Don't be afraid of dirty talk! Head here! You can tie up your partner if they're down for that, but you don't necessarily need to take it that far to assert your dominance. We don't mean this in the context of consent—you should always ask for that. Sexual aftercare is an essential part of any play that involves power exchange.

United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Mind-Changing Power of Pets. Freerunning Isn't Just for Stunt Performers. In Defense of Male Thirst Traps. How to not cross any boundaries First, we need to address how to be dominant consensually.

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Dominant chick looking fo a little play

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