Dating while divorcing in texas

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Divorce and dating rarely go together. Not only can dating during divorce potentially jeopardize your divorce settlement and child custody arrangement, it can rock the emotions of everyone involved. Before you start downloading dating apps, consider the following reasons NOT to date during divorce.

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They could very well want to make you feel as miserable as they do, which in some cases, means drawing the divorce case out. In Texas, the judge will consider a couple legally married until their divorce decree is ed, sealed and delivered. An affair either party has prior to the divorce being finalized could be considered adultery, which could support a fault-based judgment against the adulterer, since adultery is one of the seven grounds for divorce in Texas.

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The issue here is that questions could be raised as to whether community funds are being used to pay for entertainment, gifts, loans or trips for a lover, leaving you subject to a reimbursement or waste claim. If the judge finds that misuse of community monies has occurred, your spouse could be awarded a larger portion of the community estate when all is said and done. Going through a divorce is a tumultuous time for everyone involved, but children can take it especially hard. Bringing someone new into the mix can be confusing and stressful for children.

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Plus, the time you spend dating or with a new lover is precious time taken away from your. Check out this past post where Aubrey shares five valuable resources to help kids cope during divorce.

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They may also have concerns about your child spending time with your new lover and whether that will affect the child negatively. Want to keep costs in check during your divorce? Avoid these eight mistakes. Instead, allow yourself time to go through the healing process so you are fully prepared to begin a new relationship with less baggage. If you need moral support, turn to friends, family and support groups or seek help from a therapist instead. Also, it is always possible that your new love interest could be dragged in to your divorce.

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He or she may be deposed or followed by your spouse to discover whether or not he or she is fit to be around your children — which certainly detracts from the romance of a new dating relationship. Speak with your divorce attorney first.

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He or she can explain how dating could affect the outcome of your divorce and child custody based on the city and state where you live. Since founding Connatser Family Law inAubrey Connatser and her team have firmly established the next in a line of great Texas divorce and family law firms. To learn more about divorce and child custody in Dallas and Collin Counties, please call to speak confidentially with a knowledgeable and compassionate member of the Connatser Family Law team.

Connatser, Pllc Dallas, Texas info connatserfamilylaw. By Aubrey Connatser Divorce and dating rarely go together. Still want to date before your divorce is finalized? Photo Source: Adobe Stock. Connatser .

Dating while divorcing in texas

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Can You Date While Getting a Divorce?