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Typical of the enigmatic fame of Charles Jeffries is the fact that no photographs of him were publicly known until mid, when photographs of Charles Jeffries and of his wife Mary Ann were made available by Mrs. This may for the unusual appearance of the Dating jeffries concertinas in the photograph of Charles—a small carte de visite photo taken many years before may have been enlarged and its background artistically augmented to make a match to the larger and later studio portrait of Mary Ann. Two perspectives have been offered about the early career of Charles Jeffries.

Descendants in the Jeffries family adamantly contended that Charles Jeffries was a brushmaker in his younger days, and this turned out to be true.

We now know that his father, Jacob Jeffries, was a brushmaker and that Charles Jeffries was apprenticed to the trade, which would have happened when he was about 12 years old. His father almost certainly would have been the Master of his apprenticeship, which would have lasted for 7 years. After his apprenticeship, completed about the time of his marriage inCharles would have become a member of the the Society of Brushmakers.

Brushmaking was an honourable profession which had a well organized structure dating back to the midth century original chapter in Manchester, If no employment could be found, the member would be provided Dating jeffries concertinas traveling money and food and lodging at modest prices as he moved to the next town on the deated circuit. But brushmaking could also be an itinerant occupation, with the brushes being made during the winter and hawked through the summer. Charles probably acquired his first concertina in the early s. One scenario is that he may have ed in playing music at the conclusion of Society of Brushmakers meetings.

Another legend of his early life has him traveling with his barrow and playing his concertina to attract the attention of people in the surrounding houses or busking for pennies when business was quiet. When people became interested in his concertina, he would offer to sell them one. If the story has any truth, most of his early customers would have been ordinary folks, not those from the higher circles of society in which Wheatstone English-system concertinas were the norm.

Somehow his skills eventually led him to the concertina as a trade, apparently first as an aspiring concertina player, then as a repairer, and finally as a maker. This is good evidence that Charles Jeffries went into the concertina trade in earnest in the mids to lates. Marylebone, Middlesex. Eliza Hampton born was the daughter of Joseph Hampton, a gardener. For each of the certificates below, you can click on the certificate to see a larger and easily-read picture; then click again on the large picture to return to the spot where you were reading.

In several public records for Jeffries family members, such as this one, Jefferies rather than Jeffries appears as the surname. Equally likely, incidents of the Jefferies spelling were recording errors Dating jeffries concertinas registrars or census takers.

In the, and census transcripts, Jefferies is shown for the Charles Jeffries household; in the and census records, Jeffries is shown. By the time of his own marriage at age 18, Jacob Charles Jeffries already had dropped the Dating jeffries concertinas in favor of using Charles as his given name. The wedding was held on August 9, at St. Charles and Mary Ann set up housekeeping at No. On his marriage certificate, Charles Jeffries's ature is represented by an "X" followed Dating jeffries concertinas "The mark of Charles Jeffries" while Mary Ann s her name in the ordinary way.

This argues strongly that Charles Jeffries had no formal education at all, and s for why we should not expect to find a mountain of written records from his business. The family resided at No. They had moved to No. In the census, sons Charles jnr age 19William age 14and George age 1 and daughters Eliza A. Thomas had not yet been conceived. Bythey had moved to 12 Aldershot Road, Kilburn. The Church Road neighborhood was dominated by residences of the professional class.

In only two children were still living with their parents: George age 21 and Thomas age Note: Charles and Mary Dating jeffries concertinas may have had one or more other grandchildren who have not been identified. They probably had several other great grandchildren who are not shown. The bride's father was a brushmaker, as the groom's father had been before getting into concertinas. The ceremony took place on 20 April at the Register Office, Paddington. The couple established their residence at 16 Aldershot Road, Kilburn, Willesden.

As ofCharles jnr and Eliza were still residing at 16 Aldershot Road, along with their infant daughters, Beatrice Rose born March and a new baby. ByCharles jnr, wife Eliza, and their family—which by then had grown to include son Charles C. Jeffries born and daughters Maud and May—were living at 12 Aldershot Road, where the elder Charles and Mary Ann had ly lived. More daughters followed: Alice, Dorothy, and Daisy one son and seven daughters in total. Charles jnr would reside at 12 Aldershot Road for the rest of his life, except for a short hiatus when 12 Aldershot Road was bombed in the blitz of World War II.

According to his granddaughter Sheila Peckett, when he temporarily moved Dating jeffries concertinas with his daughter Alice Eliza during this period, he turned up with all sorts of things, glue and boxes, probably to do with his instrument repairs.

Up to the time of his death at age 92, on 19 FebruaryCharles Jeffries jnr was still residing at 12 Aldershot Road. His wife, Eliza, had died four years earlier. Charles Jeffries jnr, like his father, died without leaving a will. Charles C. Jeffries, son of Charles jnr and Eliza, was killed in the war in France on March 26, Eliza Ann by had married Joseph Josephs, a cloth trader, and had given birth to a son—the first offspring in the third generation to be named Charles born William married Emma Eliza Couzens born c.

William Jeffries remained a widower for little more than a year. The original bellows makers for Wheatstone concertinas were bookbinders, who had the necessary skills for working the finely skived leather, cardboard, and paper. Jeffries, Maker. ByWilliam, Lizzie, and William E. The structure at 6 Lennox Villa still stands, though reed and no longer known by its original terrace name.

We have not Dating jeffries concertinas a record of them there, but we have heard of a Jeffries descendant from Australia visiting England about 15 years ago. George Frederick Jeffries was married presumably some time Dating jeffries concertinas in the new century, but we have not managed yet to find a marriage certificate for his first marriage. We do know that the marriage was childless and that his wife May died 21 October at 2 c Dyne Road, Kilburn.

May was 43 at time of her death, so Dating jeffries concertinas had been born around and was thus a few years older than George. May's death certificate lists the widower, George Frederick Jeffries, as a "hairdresser master ". According to his daughter Pearl Pierce, George was wounded in World War I and, after leaving the army, never again engaged in activities associated with concertinas.

A daughter, Pamela, was born in the years between and George Jeffries did not return to full-time employment until the World War II years, when he worked in a factory. It would seem that concertina playing was not a part of the family heritage. Speaking much later in about their childhood in the late s and s, the two daughters of George Jeffries Pearl Pierce and Pamela Forsey could not recall any concertinas associated with their relatives.

Their own father George had played the piano; he had owned a concertina, but it was inherited by their Dating jeffries concertinas, George Norman Jeffries, and was lost by the time George died in Thomas Jeffries we know mostly through the few strands of information about his business activities that have Dating jeffries concertinas gleaned from his correspondence with concertina customers up to the early s.

Pearl Pierce remembers her uncle Thomas, but has no memories of his concertina activities. She recalls that in his estate were tools that her late brother, George Norman, inherited. Thomas had a son, also Thomas, who was killed in World War II, as well as two younger daughters, Nell and Olive the latter still surviving in Thomas Jeffries died on 18 March Charles Jeffries died on October 28, at the Clarence Lodge residence, age His death, following a cerebral hemorrhage and a two-day coma, must have been a sudden shock to the family.

He died intestate, and wife Mary Ann and Charles jnr were named the administrators of his estate. Though Charles Jeffries did not leave a will, we have the registration for probate of his estate. This would seem to be a considerable estate for a brush maker turned concertina maker. Mary Ann Jeffries died thirteen years later, on October 1, On her death certificate, her address was shown as No. In her will, Mary Ann bequeathed equal shares of all her property to her four sons and her surviving daughters, Eliza Ann Josephs and Caroline Louise Plumstead.

The obvious explanation would be transfers to their children during the years between the deaths of Charles and Mary Ann. William, Mary Ann, and Caroline are not recorded there. Praed Street was an early hub of Jeffries family history. This is a very central location, convenient to all of central London. Charles was born in near proximity to Praed Street, and he and Mary Ann each lived in Praed Street before their marriage. Two decades later, they returned to the Dating jeffries concertinas, moving the family and the concertina business to No. Presumably, the Josephs and Plumstead families resided upstairs, and the ground floor was devoted to concertina making and sales.

Smith Proprietors, between an oil and colour man and a livery stable. The pub is part of the music hall at the same address. This map of Paddington clears up the mystery. Earlier maps of the same area back to show this same dog-leg passage, un-named, opening into both the Edgware Road and Harrow Road. This suggests that Jeffries was located at the Edgware Road end of the passage. Aldershot Road, Kilburn, Willesden, was Dating jeffries concertinas center for the Jeffries family.

Willesden is a suburb developed along the Great Western Railway running northwest out of Paddington Station. A third focus of Jeffries geography was around Craven Park, Harlesden.

This area is to the west of Willesden, about three miles from Aldershot Road.

Dating jeffries concertinas

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