Dating girlfriend for 2 months

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Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. All Topics. Type your question. Enter more details. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. And I understand you have feelings for her but ex heroin junkies still have feelings Dating girlfriend for 2 months the love of their lives too. She was heroin and lucky for you, she cold turkeyed you before the habit got any worse. The best part of this is the worst part is over. All you have to do now is wait until your heart's love addiction is overcome by your brain's anger when the love for her has decreased and allows your brain to realize what a total bytch she was.

Try not to track her down and kill her. What I'd do?

I'd focus on replacing her with a sane woman and turn the anger into gratitude that she left me when she did. It could have been so much worse. Thanks for all the responses. Everything you guys said is true.

The hardest part is thinking that someone was somebody they are not. It's true that I can't expect to know anyone after only 2 months but the acting was spectacular. I know I will eventually get over this. But I think the scar will be there for a while. I just have to learn how to take things a little slower. My problem is that I go with my feelings instead of my head. If I continue to play with fire there is a chance of controlling the flame.

But more times than not I will be suffering from 3rd degree burns.

Everything seemed great. She would text me all day everyday. She would sleep over often. She would tell me how she couldn't wait for me to get home so we could cuddle. She loved how I rubbed my fingers through her hair and how I would talk to her as we fell asleep.

Then after I took her to the top of the Freedom Tower something seemed a little off but nothing too major. She slept over 2 nights later and even talked about the weekend with me. Then the next day she text me saying that she was done. She said she thought if she acted like she was in love the feelings would follow. But they never did.

She also said she cared for me as a human being but not romantic. She picked up her belongings from my house while I was still at work. She just turned very cold and done. Treating me as if I never meant anything to her. I'm sick to Dating girlfriend for 2 months stomach. I believed her act. She even had her family to my house Dating girlfriend for 2 months dinner.

I know the answer is to run. But part of me still believes that we actually had something special. What do I do? It doesn't sound like there is anything you can do, unfortunately. I'm sorry this happened If she was able to lead you on with her dishonesty without batting an eye, why would you want to be with a girl like that anyway? Be with someone who actually wants to be with you! Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Kingslayer Send a private message. She likely thought things were moving too quickly and it scared her off. Two months is very early for the type of relationship you've described: sleeping over often, meeting family, etc.

In my opinion, nothing you had was special, the bitch didn't have enough respect to talk to you as a person and broke things off via text. Forget about her and move on. Let her "act" with someone else. Chelsea Send a private message. Anonymous : I know this may be a late reply but I had someone who did this to me as well She didn't want to be lonely and convinced herself to be with you.

He did the exact same thing as what that bitch did to you, which is being extremely affectionate and loving towards you. These are symptoms of filling the void and convincing themselves. You did nothing wrong and there was no other way to save the relationship. For a person to leave you in just two months, clearly shows that she wasn't that into you. And mine was the exact same case where my feelings were genuine and his was based on "hypnotizing" himself.

It's just awful and painful when someone has to convince themselves to like you. It's like wow are we really that bad? And also, she didnt just lie to you, she lied to herself. I dont think she acted to gain something out of you. When a person dates out of loneliness, it isn't about gaining something from someone, it's about not wanting to be alone. I hope you've healed since this post was 2 years ago. I'm still in a lot of pain and it's been almost a year. Edited on November 9, at UTC by the author. Kingslayer : There isn't such thing as moving too quickly.

Dating girlfriend for 2 months this generation especially, it isn't about moving too quickly, it's more so the case of whether the feelings were genuine from the start. If she thought it was too fast, she should have not done that in the first place. Clearly what happened was she thought she could convince herself Ask a New Question expand. Trending in Dating Anonymous Will he ever marry me? Anonymous Can a married man who loves his wife be infatuated with another woman at the same time?

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Dating girlfriend for 2 months

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