Dating becker pipes

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Stay logged in. Search on Site Search Search. Ask G. Recent Posts. Latakia Doesn? Pease Comments: 7. Status Not Dating becker pipes for further replies. Feb 20, 4 0. I've been thinking about getting myself a Becker. Their de and overall aesthetic is unique and stunning. However, they have a steep price tag. I p that I could purchase either a Castello or an Ardor for half the price, but with an equal quality in the smoking experience.

What say you all? Jul 30, 7, 30, 58 Vegas Baby!!! Worth is subjective. Extremely subjective. Also worth is extremely individualized. I know that's not what you want to hear. Well, I want to hear everyone's subjective opinion! Then my subjective opinion is that, hell yes they're worth it. Feb 21, 34, 30, Dating becker pipes of my pipes are toward the other end of the price scale, but what I have seen of Becker, they are beautifully deed and made with elevated craftsmanship. You're right, you could have two or three upper end pipes for the price of a Becker, so it is a matter of how much a Becker means to you.

You're paying for beauty, aura, myth and some bragging rights, so it is entirely your call. Also, so much depends on how you allot your budget.

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For some, this would be an unimportant indulgence, and for others, a major life investment. May 9, 1, 69 Raleigh, NC. Does it smoke any better than my Peterson Christmas ? Does it look prettier? It's all in what YOU think Dating becker pipes worth. If you deem it worthy based on looks and know you're not going to get that same look without dropping coin on a Becker, then buy the Becker, because you'll long for it until you do.

Staff member. But that's just what comes through the airway. Most people have several to dozens of other criteria that gives value to them and hence the prices they're willing to pay. Short answer, yes, it's worth it! His were all impossibly tiny and exquisitely finished.

So, I assume they performed for him. Jan 28, 5, 18, IMHO, Artisan's pipes in general smoke better. I think there is a point of diminishing returns where your money is paying for brands and cosmetics. Sep 13, 8, 4, The answer is yes if It's not worth the price if you don't think it is. I'd have to fondle the Dating becker pipes before I pulled the trigger.

Apr 9, 53 Cordoba, Spain. One of my best smoking pipes is a four diamond Becker. Paolo himself talked me into it when I told him I wanted to buy one of his pipes. I was smoking it when I knew he had died. It was in a narrow street San Vicenzo leading straight into the Fontana.

I was smoking a Dating becker pipes 3 Dunhill Tan Shell billiard. I have always been fond of small pipes group 3. I felt at home right away. The shop was full of small classic pipes with a certain Italian flair. I spent many hours there chatting about pipes and tobaccos with Massimo and Paolo. I went back a few times to Rome and would always visit the Via San Vicenzo shop. The Becker is one of my best smoking pipes, side by side are a Peterson, a Castello and a modest Karl Erik.

Artisanry does not guarantee better smoking pipes, although my experience is that they usually are well above average. I would never part with that pipe. If it appeals to you, buy it, they are very good and he loved his craft and pipe smoking. I hope his son continues the tradition.

Dating becker pipes

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