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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Jun 4, Messages 5, Reactions 5, 9 2 Alleybux 58, ed Jun 22, Messages 14, Reactions 32, 24 14 Alleybux 10, I had a friend who dated a pastor and she was miserable as hell. He always remind her of what she can't do or shouldn't do. She's more of a worldly person but she don't judge people either. The straw that broke the camel's back was when he ask her to have sex.

She cut him loose real quick! She only dated him for three months. ed Apr 4, Messages 23, Reactions 45, 15 12 Alleybux 14, ed Jan 4, Messages 34, Reactions7, 5, Alleybux 66, I dont live a bad lifestyle but the lifestyle I do live will clash with his MoneyOverLove said:. Click to expand ed Jul 17, Messages Reactions 1, Alleybux Date a pastor, CandyKisses said:. ed Nov 19, Messages 10, Reactions 36, AlleybuxI'll leave you all to brainstorm over why.

ed Dec 24, Messages Reactions 1, AlleybuxPeople are too nosey and I wouldn't want his congregation all up in my business! I also have no intentions of ever becoming Date a pastor Pastor's wife. Laila Ali. ed Nov 7, Messages Reactions 1, Alleybux 78, The pastor of my church dated a member of the congregation- who was a friend of mine. He was a typical hound.

Wanted sex from the jump, didn't want her family to know of the relationship and she was approached several times by other women who were dating him. She eventually left the church once they were found out- of course she was made as a Jezebel and he continued to be revered. I ended up leaving too because she was only the 1st of many that he pursued there. ed Oct 16, Messages Reactions Alleybux 89, I met my wife I am a psatorwhen I was I could not imagine finding or dating a person in a cngregation I was pastoring.

Date a pastor have read y'alls post, and I can understand why yall wouldn't marry a pastor. It is as stressful as you think. I will also say this. Pastors are human not an excuse, fact.

We have and experience the same needs and desires as Date a pastor people because we are regular people, too. Hounding and hunting are both wrong, I agree with that too. I say again, I am glad I havenever had to search for a Date a pastor, and am grateful that my wife sees me as a man, and not a pastor.

ed Jul 27, Messages 1, Reactions 1, 1 Alleybux 50, ed Aug 17, Messages 10, Reactions 26, 7 6 Alleybux 14, None for me, Date a pastor, I'm driving. CK Woman. ed Dec 23, Messages 13, Reactions 21, 8 8 Alleybux 41, It depends. We would have to be on the sameas in what we are looking for. So I don't mind dating, but he's looking to go further trying to get it He should be carrying himself like a "man of God" and devoted follower.

ed Aug 11, Messages 1, Reactions 3, 2 1 Alleybux 71, No way. I am much too worldly and could never live up to "First Lady" Expectations. ed Jul 26, Messages 31, Reactions 54, 9 5 Alleybux 23, I don't think I need to explain myself ed Apr 18, Messages Reactions 1, 1 1 Alleybux 70, I have never dated one, but I would love too--been thinking about this for a while too so it's crazy there's a thread I think I would make the perfect pastor's wife :glasses-nerdy:.

ed Dec 29, Messages 15, Reactions 45, 11 14 Alleybux 12, ed Oct 31, Messages 5, Reactions 17, 16 3 Alleybux 52, ed Sep 13, Messages Reactions 1, Alleybux 71, I have gone a few dates with a Pastor. He was just like any other man, meaning that I could talk to him about the same things I would any other man. We didn't have sex or even come close to that.

But I understand they are human and are prone to making mistakes just like anyone else. Yes they have made a committment to God to live holy, upright, and to spread His word. However they are Human, and given that they have made a commitment doesn't mean they don't mistakes or faulter.

They have to repent and move on just like other Christians, and try never to make the same mistake again. Pastor's are not God, nor will they ever have to the same exact behavior or have supernatural will power. Date a pastor said:. ed Mar 8, Messages 16, Reactions 25, 28 22 Alleybux 30, He wouldn't be much of a pastor if he would date me.

ed Apr 7, Messages 21, Reactions 79, 1, Alleybux 48, ed Jun 22, Messages 3, Reactions 8, 51 8 Alleybux 73, It seems that it would require too much. I'm too territorial. I mean just think, if someone dies or needs for Date a pastor pastor to come read their last rites in the middle of the night, he gotta be up and gone. I am not built for that. I used to date a Deacon and that was quite an experience. I felt so guilty Smoked weed, and the whole nine.

Rivka said:.

ScorpionDhame said:. ed Jun 29, Messages Reactions Alleybux 70, Lawd NO! No, uh-uh, nope.

Thank God I married someone who is not called to that work. Hope For Hoes. ed Dec 9, Messages 15, Reactions 60, Alleybux 6, You must log in or register to reply here. Date a pastor thre. PreNup: Would you? Why or why not? Jul 16, Ashton Ohlook. Church Pastor?! Mar 24, JustKelly. Straight males of lsa: would you wife a transsexual? Would you ask a guy for his ? Why Why Not? Karey16 Nov 7, 36 Replies 2K Views 2. Nov 10, SilentSongbird.

Date a pastor

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