Cruising lake Port Elgin tonight around midnight

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It took a while and we are so very happy to be able to cruise again! Not everyone and everywhere yet, but we are moving in the right direction! Cruisetcetera has a live report from guest writers who make a daily report of this beautiful cruise for us. Our friends dear Odette and Danny write down their experiences every day how this cruise is going after all the Covid misery. Another fantastic day-by day report from them!

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Stay informed every day about their experiences per cruise port, but also what life is like on the ship. Check this blog every day for the latest review. What will await us? What changes are on board?? What about excursions? This is also why we absolutely want to board this first sailing to discover what cruising 2.

The fantastic news is we do not have to wear masks anymore!! July 3 — We have heard that the Ovation has already arrived in Piraeus and are so curious that we decide to take a taxi to take a look for ourselves. Piraeus is not that far from our hotel and after 10 minutes we are in the harbor. There she is!

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In all her glory to Pier A… it actually gives us goosebumps. It will be a nice reunion after all those stress-filled, cruise-free months. And then once inside … you feel so small and inificant among all that beauty. How is it possible that they were able to build this so many years ago?

The views you have from around the Acropolis of Athens at your feet are breathtaking. I have my personal guide with me because Danny has a real taste for history and mythology. Those who have read our blog Cruising 2. For example, those who have followed the blog do not have to go through it again always allowed of course and the new followers can immediately learn something from it.

For I have to admit that Danny has done an excellent job of conveying this historical information in a succinct but interesting way. Today it is the turn of the Acropolis Cruising lake Port Elgin tonight around midnight that was not mentioned in the blog either, so followers: read everything today! From the top of that hill, you also have a beautiful view of the Acropolis. Once down, we want to explore the city some more and first look for the local fish and meat market. Very strange a beautiful covered market with only fish and meat, no vegetables. You notice from the many fish stalls that Athens does have a good connection with the sea.

We decide to end our walk at a terrace along with the Roman Agora. After a snack and a drink, we return on foot to the hotel because we want to do our 10, steps today to be able to drink a glass of chardonnay more or 2 if the Belgians win with the football! There is something for everyone here: a drink on a terrace on the steps, a Greek salad or grilled sardines on one of the many roof terraces with a magnificent view of the Acropolis and the city, or a more refined dinner in a nice restaurant. As mentioned before, we are going to close the daily blog with a piece of history, mythology.

Originally a fortress, it was surrounded by a fertile plain at a safe, not too great distance from the sea. The upper part of the plateau consists of a 6-meter thick wall of huge stone blocks that were built in the 13th century BC. When the population settled in the lower city to be able to expand, the Acropolis remained the religious core of the city with the main sanctuary, the Old Athena Temple, the temple of the patron goddess of the city: Athena.

In BC. From then on, the Acropolis became exclusively a religious center and lost its military and political function Cruising lake Port Elgin tonight around midnight good. The most important buildings that can still be seen today on the Athenian Acropolis are the Parthenonthe Propylaeathe Temple of Nike, and the Erechtheion.

The Parthenon was the temple of Athena Parthenos the Virginthe patron goddess of the city of Athena. This temple is the pinnacle of Athenian architecture in the classical period of the 5th century BC. The Parthenon was built next to where the Ancient Athena Temple had stood.

The latter was originally the main temple on the Acropolis and was dedicated to Athena Polias. After the destruction by the Persians in the 5th century BC. However, it was not rebuilt and its function was taken over by the Parthenon and the Erechtheion. Only the remains of its podium can still be seen today next to the Erechtheion. After the destruction by the Persians, Pericles was able to survive in BC. The Parthenon was finally built in BC. In later years it became sacrilege when Demetrius Poliorcetes settled in the back room with his prostitutes.

In the 6th century, the building became a church and even a bell tower was added. After the Turkish conquest of Athens init became a mosque and the bell tower was transformed into a minaret. During the siege of the Acropolis by the Venetians, the Turks had housed their ammunition there.

On September 26,the Venetians managed to shoot a bomb inside. The explosion and the two-day fire that followed destroyed much of the building. To conclude the destruction, the English ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, Lord Elgin Thomas Bruce ordered between and a large of sculptures and pediments from the Parthenon to be transferred to Great Britainwhich he later sold to the British Museum due to lack of money. Despite repeated attempts by the Greek government to recover these artifacts, they are still in the British Cruising lake Port Elgin tonight around midnight.

The Propylaea with a complex of halls formed the monumental entrance to the Acropolis. It should also be seen as the gates of a sanctuary.

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So in addition to a secular function, it also had a religious function and is probably also connected with the worship of the gods who Cruising lake Port Elgin tonight around midnight gates and entrances. Located to the right of the main entrance to the Acropolis, this temple is dedicated to the goddess of victory Nike.

The latter soon had to share her task with goddess Athena, hence the name Athena Nike. The goddess Athena was very versatile. She was not only the goddess of wisdom but also of war and victory. She was also Cruising lake Port Elgin tonight around midnight protector of artisanal labor. The Temple of Nike overlooks the Aegean Sea. The Erechtheion was named after the legendary king Erechtheus. It is one of the principal sanctuaries of the Athenian Acropolis and even more religiously important than the Parthenon.

It was to serve to unite within its walls a of cult sites located on the north side of the Acropolis. This somewhat explains its capricious, non-classical shape. Due to the very uneven temple terrain, the west side of the building is more than three meters lower than the east side. It was used in Turkish times as a harem and as a powder magazine. In the building was badly damaged by a lightning strike. The still impressive remains have been thoroughly restored in the last decades.

The shuttle arrives at our hotel on time and after a minute drive we arrive at terminal C. Our suitcases are provided with luggage labels with our suite and we receive a small printed boarding pass. The embarkation again takes place in 2 phases, over 2 halls. Once in the first room, all the necessary documents are checked : vaccination certificate, Greek PLF, boarding pass, and passports.

We now have to wait about 15 minutes so we sit down not far from the screen on which the sequence s of the test appear. Soon we see some familiar faces from Seabourn Friends and while having a nice chat the time flies by and 27 and 28 appear on the screen, our sequence s and the time have finally come. We can now go to the actual cruise terminal for embarkation.

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The crew escorted us and once in the terminal, an incredible welcome awaits us. We are handed a glass of champagne and are allowed to go to the check-in desk. Here we do not have to sit impersonally at the office but there is a nice table in front of the office on which you can put your glass of bubbly and watch a sweet lady or gentleman check everything again. No need to issue a credit card, nor do they take a photo because they still have it in their data file.

And while they check everything, we are already welcomed by the guest relation manager. We quickly go through the security check and then deafening applause erupts from a guard of honor formed by the crew: a real goosebumps moment.

Once on board, we can go straight to our suite.

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That is of course the advantage of such a first cruiseall suites are already ready. The suitcases are already there so unpacking can start, but we decide to have lunch first. She introduces herself and her Supervisor also introduces herself. This is new, the flight attendant is now working with a supervisor and they both make sure the suite is always in top condition.

They tell us the happy news: we do NOT have to wear masks on board! What a relief. We do get 2 very nice Seabourn masks to wear on land, but it is not necessary onboard. How fantastic! The crew has been on board for 2 months and they are all vaccinated with Pfizer. Fourteen days ago, all of them even had blood drawn to check for the production of antibodies to make sure the vaccine worked and sure enough, everyone has enough antibodies.

But Seabourn still wants to give the guests a super safe feeling and the crew has to wear their masks. We stroll past the pool and patio bar and are warmly welcomed by Nigel who we have known as a bartender for Cruising lake Port Elgin tonight around midnight many of you may be too. We also meet new Seabourn president Josh Liebowich.

After a nice informal chat, we go to the Collonade where we also recognize many crew faces. Here too everything has remained the same: the buffets are there and we can even take everything from the buffet ourselves, just like in the past.

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He knows that we start with a glass of bubbly and then a glass of chardonnay. After a nice lunch, it is time to unpack the suitcases and then the fun can finally begin. No more drill, neither on deck nor in the restaurant. You have to visit your master station so you know where it is and then you have to watch an information video on your TV and finally report that you have followed everything.

We go back on deck with a book to read around the pool. We find a nice spot for this on the deck in front of the Observation Lounge. Once outside we go to the Thomas Keller bar for an aperitif because this evening we eat at TK. Of course, we know the menu and we stick to our classics: iceberg lettuce, crab cakes, and a veal chop, simply delicious. We go to bed early because it was all in all a tiring day because we were a bit stressed. Everything here on Seabourn, the cruise experience is very normal… you would hardly think about Covid anymore.

July 4 — This nice town is located in the northeast of Crete between Heraklion in the east and Sitia in the west and is the capital of the Lassithi department. It is built on the ruins of the ancient city of Lato. The surprise of the day is that the Silver Moon of Silversea has also chosen this port today. Of the few ships that sail, 2 are also in the same harbor! The short walk from the harbor to town takes us past a of nice and very neat terraces of various bars and restaurants.

The many shops indicate that this town is very geared towards tourists. The many terraces around Lake Voulismeniwhere you can taste all kinds of Greek specialties, are proof of this. Because yes really, this small town has a lake or bay in its centerwhich is the most striking thing for this small town. This deep inland lake is called Lake Voulismeni. It is located in the middle of the city and is connected to the sea by a small canal. Because it is so deep, the Cruising lake Port Elgin tonight around midnight say that this lake has no bottom. Greek mythology then tells that the Goddess Athena came here to bathe with Artemis, the goddess of the hunt.

In any case, it is no longer allowed to swim in this lake today. Via a cross street in the center, we arrive at the Kritoplatia Cruising lake Port Elgin tonight around midnight.

Cruising lake Port Elgin tonight around midnight

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