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Myself and my wife are thinking of going to cap d'agde in august. We have never been on a nudist holiday or never swing but we are very interested in both. Would you Cap d age sex we go for it and jump in at the deep end and stay in the nudist resort for the week or stay up the beach a little and dip in and out of the resort? The hubby is also worried about getting a little "excited" in public if you know what i mean! Also what clubs would be not pushy and good for a first time couple? Hi, Definitely stay in the naturist village! Once inside, get your gear off and take it at your own pace.

Everything is very laid back, though the things you'll see will seem edgy for a first-timer and then completely normal. I promise you'll want to return. Cap d age sex stayed at Jardin de Eden the first year and whilst it has a secure pool area, my wife found the rooms a bit grotty for the price. We have since stayed at Oz'Inn which we find excellent, especially the rooftop pool area.

Eden, Babylon and Oz'Inn all have secure pool areas where you can play by yourselves and no-one will bat an eyelid. But if you want company, there's sure to be a couple or more up for that too. A lot of the clubs are couples only but you can check online for the latest news of that.

The daytime foam party at Le Glamour is couples only and highly recommended. Be excited; you don't need to be nervous. Regs JB. Thank you for all the great advice jb! You're very kind!

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You gave some great information there! We are really looking forward to the experience! Would love to hear others advice also. The big question is my husband is worried he will get an erection while walking on the beach. Does this happen and have you any suggestions for him if it does happen? Its Cap d age sex biggest worry! For a start stay in the village, as for getting an erection well if it happens your husband could cover it with a towel. In all the years I been there I have never seen a man walking around with an erection. Hi myself and partner were first timers last August and we were both apprehensive me more so than him.

We had Cap d age sex most amazing time. We hired a villa and are hiring the same villa again in Helio village. We found that actually staying within the subdued family section was much better for us as it gave us the choice to be in the thick of it when we wanted to be. We also loved sitting on the terrace and having a bbq in the evenings relaxing was great too!

We are 51 and 43 years young and we did not see one erection walking along the beach. When we sunbathed we saw people playing and we played a little ourselves and it was amazing. The men that come and watch normally only watch when something is happening to the women but it is not horrible, actually it is quite Cap d age sex to see.

But I can assure you that the minute you walk in and take your clothes of it will feel like the most natural thing you have ever done. Hope you make it there as you will go back year after year. Liberating is an understatement it truly is a remarkable place. The majority of people I saw in the naturist side were over There are 2 beaches the family beach and the naughty or adult beach- where anything goes.

Nudity is mandatory for men, women can wear some clothes. The bars and clubs are a mixed bad for both the nudist only people and the swingers. The foam or mousse party is essentially a lot of people openly having sex, so you need to make sure you have your boundaries with your partner. There are also a of clubs which cater for the swingers side of things.

There are shops and cafes- so be prepared for having your coffee and croissant and full on nudity. The good thing is that no one is judging you no matter what you look like but as a first timer it can be quite intimidating so do everything at your own pace. Hi, you said that you stayed within the "subdued family section" Where is that?

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You said you stayed within the "subdued family section". Where is that? Which area would be best for us to stay, do you think? The beach is spit in to 2 halves. The family section is near to the naturist village and the adult Cap d age sex is down the far end near the campsite. You will soon know if you are not on the family beach believe me. Browse all Cap-d'Agde topics ยป. First time couple advice. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination.

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