Best sex positions for larger women

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The conversations we have about sex as we grow up rarely include a discussion of pleasure. To make matters worse, many of us have been raised with unhealthy attitudes about sex and body image. But sex positivity is for every person and every body type. Fat, plus-size, curvy, chubby — however you choose to refer to your bigger body type, remember that these are not bad words. All bodies are good bodies, and your body is worthy of love, affection, and pleasure.

Either way, you may have developed a tendency to apologize for your body. In the past, I have apologized to partners for gaining weight, or for not being focused on weight loss. Apologies for your body have no place in your sex life. Your partner is just happy to be there. Perhaps a sexual partner treats us in a way that makes us feel uncomfortable.

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Maybe they treat us poorly and blame it on the size of our bodies. In some toxic relationships, a partner will target plus-size people, as if they should be happy for any little bit of attention. If they wish my body were different, or if they are overly attached to me looking a certain way, they are not the partner for me.

Always advocate for yourself and speak to your partner about what matters most to you. And remember: body positivity is an important element of mental health and wellness. Culturally, we tend to expect women to have body image issues but overlook the fact that men may have similar issues. If you have insecurities about your body, you know how frustrating that can be. Please make space for your partner to have their own body issues, too, regardless of their sex or gender. Give them the same consideration and grace you want for yourself.

Over the years, traditional advice for fat folks has been to wear certain styles of clothes to help minimize unwanted Best sex positions for larger women or fullness: Avoid horizontal stripes, gravitate toward solid colors and darker hues like black or navy — no white. And please, no leggings. This is your body. You get to wear the clothes that make you feel your best. Place a bolster pillow beneath your knees to help avoid a backache. Try a wedge pillow to elevate your head.

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She shared with me a few of her favorite positions for p-in-v intercourse or strap-on sex :. One leg down with one up works well with him on top, too. Or legs around his waist or up on his shoulder as he pumps is really pleasurable and allows for deep penetration. That way he hits my g-spot and I can reach under and rub my clit. I end up having g-spot orgasms this way and squirting. Of course, there are plenty of different positions to enjoy when a partner is plus-size. For example, you might also try sitting on a counter or tabletop to give your partner easier access to your vulva.

Some larger people feel they have to rely primarily on sex toys during partner play. The best thing about sex is getting in touch with ourselves and our partners.

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It all starts with the firm belief that you are worthy. You deserve pleasure. Do what feels good. Experiment to discover what that is. Quit looking at your body as a limitation, and instead delight in everything it can do. Use mindfulness to have the best sex ever in the on-demand workshop Mindful Sexled by Dr. By entering youryou are agreeing to our terms and conditions and fully understand our privacy policy. Getting to know your vulva is one of the best things you can do for your sexual health and pleasure.

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Best sex positions for larger women

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