Best places to go on birthday

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If your birthday is coming up soon, you might be starting your plans not quite sure of what you want to do. And it all starts with choosing the right destination for your celebration. You have to consider the size of the guest list, seasonality and weather, and the activities and restrictions that come with each location.

Then prioritize the list to figure out the best option for you. For new ideas, make sure to check out our birthday location ideas below. The following ideas make great birthday party ideas for adults anywhere. Escape rooms make fun, teamwork-building nights with friends or family. They usually Best places to go on birthday around an hour, giving you plenty of time to go out to dinner after and keep the celebrations going all night long. This birthday party idea is a classic for a reason. Just make sure to save room for dessert. Bars and cocktail lounges are fun ways to celebrate a birthday night out with friends.

And sometimes, if you call ahead, the bar or cocktail lounge might even deate a ature cocktail for the night in honor of your birthday. Looking for a day or night of relaxation with your friends? Head to the local spa. Cooking classes are perfect for the culinary minded birthday honoree.

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Wineries and wine cellars are perfect for wine connoisseurs at any pace. Either buy a bottle and have a picnic or have a sommelier walk you through a full tasting of their wines. Dine in and luxury movie theaters are growing in popularity, and they also make excellent places to have a birthday party.

Sports games are always a fun option for a birthday party. Do you love to sing? Then break out the mic at a karaoke bar and spend the night ing the classics with a few loved ones. Similar to a winery, breweries are great for tastings, tours, and picnics in the sun. Just remember to always drink responsibly!

Go out for a night on the town with your friends. Visit your favorite restaurants and dessert shops, go for a pub crawl, or spend the day shopping at the local boutiques. Whatever it is, use your birthday as an excuse to go try something new, and bring along a few friends. Sunset and night cruises are a popular destination for birthday celebrations. Enjoy the fresh sea air and spend the night dancing with all your loved ones.

If there happens to be a fun upcoming Best places to go on birthday, take a group of friends to the concert for your birthday. Just ask a few of your favorite fellow hikers topack some of your favorite foods and drinks for a nice picnic lunch in the outdoors, and hit the trails! Birthdays also make the perfect excuse to get out of town. Plan a vacation to a new city, state, or country and ask your loved ones to tag along.

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Visit your local paint night venue for a party full of friends, canvases, and wine. Just remember to have your friends your painting for the ultimate birthday card. Visit our resource on how to plan a birthday party to help you plan the ultimate night of fun with friends. The following places to have a birthday party are perfect for small children and toddlers. Pick your favorite from the ideas below or visit Best places to go on birthday guide on 1st Birthday Party Ideas for additional inspiration.

Recreation rooms, such as indoor jungle gyms, are perfect ways to keep the toddlers at your party safe and happy. Indoor or outdoor, kids love playgrounds. Book one ahead of time or find a picnic area near a public playground for a fun and simple toddlers birthday party. Just make sure that the playground is up to date and void of any rust or dangerous materials.

Zoos make for a timeless toddler birthday tradition. Little ones love animals, and you can be sure that a visit to the zoo will keep them preoccupied all day.

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You can also reserve a party space or table at most Zoos to set up birthday decorations and cake. Sometimes choosing to host the birthday party at your own home is best. Kids museums are popular destinations for many toddler birthday parties. Book tickets ahead of time and ask for additional parents to help chaperone the party.

Public parks provide plenty of room for games, activities, and picnics. However, make sure to plan ahead because some parks require you to reserve a space ahead of time for large groups or parties. Deated party halls also known as a function hall, reception hall, or banquet hall are perfect for those who want help with the planning and coordination of the party. Each room or building has different rules, however, so make sure to call ahead to ask. Additionally, make sure to visit our resources on 10th Birthday Party Ideas for more specific birthday ideas.

Commercial party places are Best places to go on birthday one of the easiest locations to host a party as the venue manages a lot of the planning for you. Are you raising a little dancer? If so, host their birthday party at a dance studio and include a fun dance class that gives the kids a chance to dress up and try something new. Kids love climbing things, which makes a ropes course a perfect place to have a kids birthday party.

Reserve a space and time slot for your kids and their friends to have fun learning to climb and belay. Does your child love painting? Or are they a fan of origami? Whatever their paper passion is, taking their party to an art class can make for a super fun and probably a little messy birthday party. Ceramics studios and pottery painting classes give kids plenty of opportunities to get creative. Bowling alleys are great fun for kids and parents alike.

Also, bowling alleys usually have a little something for kids of every interest with their bowling lanes, arcade games, and food and drink options. Trampoline parks are perfect for birthday parties full of energy. If you know the kids will be bouncing off the walls, a trampoline park is the best, and safest, location choice for your party. And by booking a gymnastics trainer from the gym, you can be sure the kids will be in safe hands. If the birthday boy or girl is a movie lover at heart, Best places to go on birthday taking them and their friends to a movie day.

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Buy tickets for a movie the whole group can enjoy, stock up on popcorn, and enjoy a relaxing day. Ice skating rinks can be found year Best places to go on birthday, and they often make perfect places to have a birthday party. You can rent skates for everyone there, reserve a table to hang up decorations, and let the kids enjoy the rink at their own pace. Aquariums are educational and interesting activities for kids of all ages. A guided trip can make an awesome birthday party for an ocean lover. Some arcades will let you rent the entire center for the night, which makes it a fun and safe location to have a birthday party.

Hit the mini green with this kid friendly venue. Mini golf courses often have spaces deated for parties and offer additional attractions like games and concession stands. You can buy or DIY the party decorations, grill up a party menu, and invite all the guests you want.

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Just make sure that the forecasted weather is on your side. Orchard picking is an inexpensive, educational, and fun way to spend a birthday. Reach out to local orchards ahead of time to arrange a tour and picking, and then have a birthday picnic when the activities are over. Take the kids to the local ice cream parlor and let them build their own sundaes for a simple and sweet birthday adventure. Just make sure to call the parlor in advance and let them know your party size so they reserve a table.

Ask guests to bring swimsuits, towels, and plenty of sunscreen and head to the local public pool. Nature centers often provide options for birthday parties and large groups that are both affordable and educational. Call ahead Best places to go on birthday ask your local nature center about the programs they offer, and then plan your party theme around the tour. Bring plenty of beach towels and sunscreen and plan out a beach friendly menu and set of activities. Shutterfly Community is here to help capture and share life's most important moments.

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