Best books for long distance relationships

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I frequently recommend books to people who ask me for long-distance dating advice. One of the reasons I do this is because books shape the way we think, and a lot of relationship problems are best solved by changing your thinking. The following five books are what I consider to be the best books for long-distance relationships.

None of these books are written specifically for couples in long-distance relationships, but they are still highly applicable. I pray that reading these books renews your mind and helps you understand what God desires for you while you date Romans Premise: Joy in dating is found through seeking joy in God. Why Read This Book: This book lays out principles and practical tips for Christ-centered dating and singleness in a relevant, engaging way. Get Not Yet Married on Amazon. Read my full review.

Note: In the spirit of full disclosure, if you make a purchase using one of the Amazon links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I trust and that I believe will benefit you in your long-distance relationship. Premise: Boundaries are healthy parts of all interpersonal relationships. This book equips you to handle all kinds of conflicts and Best books for long distance relationships in a healthy, humble, and God-honoring manner.

Get Boundaries on Amazon. When To Read: You want a deeper understanding of what Biblical marriage looks like. Get the Meaning of Marriage on Amazon.

Premise: The more you know about someone before you get engaged, the better. Why Read This Book: One of the hardest questions to wrestle with in a long-distance relationship is, Do I really know this person?

The questions in this book can help you answer that question and make a more informed decision about engagement.

When To Read: You need to make important decisions about your relationship. Why Read This Book: Long-distance dating involves a ton of difficult decisions — from breaking up to getting married. Get Just Do Something on Amazon. Get tips for surviving long-distance dating. Topics Mentoring About Menu. Wondering what the best books for long-distance relationships are? By Ruby Petersen. January 6, What's the biggest challenge in your long-distance relationship right now? Missing each other. Keeping Christ at the center. Pursuing sexual purity. Follow datingatadistance for Christ-centered encouragement for your long-distance relationship.

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Best books for long distance relationships

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Best New Long Distance Relationship Books