American bully dax puppies

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When Ed first started breeding, he did some research on the internet and purchased a couple of pit bulls.

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He soon realized that both he and his kids loved the temperament of these dogs and it was the breed of their choice from that day forward. He actually owned the first sire, The Notorious Juan Gotty. Tony Moore of Greyline pitbulls produced Notorious Juan Gotty, a dog who later would be the credited for the Gottiline bloodline.

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Tony sold Gotty to Richard Barajas when he was still a puppy. The dogs Tony produced were known for their drive and gameness, far from the American Bullies that you see today. This was a temperament that Ed Shepherd was not interested in. But that is a controversial topic and an entire article in itself. Their dogs for the most part are known to have extremely high energy levels and drive, and are able to preform well in sports such as weight pulling, and protection training. Richard Barajas was breeding Juan Gotty at the time.

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His kennel name was West Side Kennels. So Ed decided to come up with an idea for creating a name for his yard. The name Ed decided on was Gottyline. Ed had purchased Blackjack at the time Cruz was first getting into the Razors Edge bloodline. At the time, there was no Gottiline. Cruz is perhaps most well known for his Stud Blow, a Monster G son.

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Cruz went on to be successful in his own right, creating a clothing line based off of Blow. The clothing line was simply known as Blow Genes. Ed started to show 21 Blackjack and soon champed him out. From the popularity of 21 Blackjack, Ed started to build his Kennel. After years of line breeding and inbreeding, he created a solid recognizable look and had a yard full of amazing bullies. After Dax began to mature, Ed realized that he had produced a truly remarkable stud dog, that at the time, was his best production to date.

He then renamed his kennel and bloodline Daxline. Dax was considered an extreme Bully. He had a very easy going temperament and was completely non aggressive. Ed has no interest American bully dax puppies breeding dogs with aggression, high energy or poor temperament. Dax stood around 15 inches at the withers, weighed 75 pounds, and had a 24 inch head.

Ed simply states that he is loved part of the family and is also too valuable to leave outside. Dax is known American bully dax puppies the best producing bully in the history of the American Bully movement. Several of the top programs in the country have utilized what only Dax could bring to a yard- that Daxline ature head, neck and shoulders. Without Dax, we would be without most of the Top American Bullies today. You can order the print Magazine hardcopy and an App for Issues on your phone or tablet. There are Two Ways to Subscribe:. Order the Print Magazine hard copy mailed out to you.

In addition to having a print version of the Magazine, we also have an App for Issues on your phone or tablet. Have a Blessed Day Bully Family!

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Ed Shepherd is one of the original founders of the breed known as the American Bully. Subscriptions Include 6 Issues:. The Bully Bible. More From Medium. All-Royalty Team. Tommy Viola in Knight Fever. Cycling Canada Cyclisme: Brand Research. Rana Soliman. Barrels and Bloops — Cleveland Indians. Casey Boguslaw.

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Brandon Anderson in SportsRaid.

American bully dax puppies

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The History Daxline & Ed Shepherd