All girl kissing

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A girl-on-girl kiss always gets people talking. They can be sexy, sentimental, and even a little bit sloppy.

Below is a list and videos! Open your eyes and your mind and enjoy these sensual smooches. Kathryn Gellar teaches Cecile Blair how to make out while on a picnic in Central Park, as gal pals do. At least in this movie, they do. While Cecile remained totally ditzy and clueless throughout the film, she certainly knew how to play up the tongue for the camera in this scene. Where to watch Cruel Intentions. Beth Bush steps up and helps her friend figure it all out.

Where to watch John Tucker Must Die. All girl kissing this film accomplished is a tender yet HOT make out in a dark room — and we all know dark rooms have already set the mood for something sexy. Where to watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Where to watch Black Swan. Oh, come on. It would be irresponsible to not include one of the sexiest movies of all time! Fair All girl kissing say, Wild Things paved the road for many more wild scenes to come, and for that, we bow down to this classic freaky film. Where to watch Wild Things. Where to watch Jennifer's Body. While the relationship in the movie is genuine, there is something pleasantly surprising about discovering these two fantastic actresses sharing such an intimate scene before their careers took off.

Where to watch Lost and Delirious.

This is not a dream: these two beauties do indeed share a steamy scene in the trippy David Lynch drama. Where to watch Mulholland Drive. Girls just being girls! Where to watch Thirteen.

What Leighton Meester wants, Leighton Meester gets. And if that means testing out if the flavor of a lipstick is indeed cinnamon, she will put her lips on it to find out. Who would dare stop her? Where to watch The Roommate.

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All girl kissing

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